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Elodie Chettouh

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Indian Market
Microwave ovens Marketing Strategy
Microwaves Ovens Long term market New Segment market in India History Origin Microwave Short Term Market How the Indian cultural custom will influence the short and long term market of Microwave ovens Growing middle class, new massive demand.
Lifestyles are changing
Consumptions are changing. Chettouh Elodie A01296310
Soukeïna Chatt A01296555
Karen Elisabeth - A01296956
Alejandro de Jesús Suárez Valdés, A01324473
Gaelle goareguer A01296958
Laura blanc A01296949
Angel Delgado Peralta 1945 --> The patent microwave oven is deposited by Percy Le Baron Spencer

1953 --> entrance in American Market with a high price which slows the sell.

1970 --> prices decreased : Boom in the American Market.
1980 --> Entrance in the European Market 80% of french people have a microwave oven VS Indian culture The role of the housewife will change with the entrance of Microwave ovens in the market.
Rural areas : Difficult marketing target.
Lack of knowledge about how to use the Microwave ovens.
Typical Western Product buy the product more for social recognition than for the real us the role of the woman Consumer boom Packaged food market in urban areas know a growth of 14,4 % in the recent years. White Aplliance's competition Hard international competition

All ends of microwave ovens are proposed

Adaptation to indian markets : learning by doing

Need to change old beliefs : western innovatio n for western people
Retaliance retail stores : a new type of competition Developing a strategy: White Appliance’s microwave ovens in India
both men and women (planned purchase) married couple
the authority belongs to the father
between 25 and 45 years old
middle class and the aspiring one.
people living in urban areas and semi urban (authority structure is more flexible + more dialogues)
Target market
2. microwave oven features
Family very important in Indian society (quite large)
role in protection, accommodating and nourishing the members explanation main essential feature: the size
very large, mothers are cooking for the whole family + Indian vessels gigantic
Functionalities: studied for Indian food (savour and taste) & offering several options: toaster, grill, reheating device 3. Price
mass market = enter the market, product affordable (huge volume)
Approach Rs 6,000 ($ 110)
Not the 1st price remain a low-end product
5. Distribution
Supermarkets target aspiring classes

reliance retail stores middle class, searching specialized shop for their planned purchase.
4. Promotion
innovative way to cook / more simplicity.
technological advance & gain of time
To show complex cooking n demonstrations in shopping centers, (assistante + eating) t
TV cooking lessons; sponsoring popular events in big cities
supporting western food and promoting new habits of eating
Conclusion The microwaves will be a sucess in long term Indian - Increase of exchanges thanks to the Globalization
- economic and social Development of the country.
- Cultural Adaptation
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