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Project Safe Haven

No description

Matthew Esparza

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Project Safe Haven

Project Safe Haven
by Olivia, Sam, Krystal, Matt and Phil
Project Safe Haven
Project Safe Haven was first invented during the 1916's as a backup for the wealthy Americans, This was offered by the US Government in exchange for the Revenue Act of 1916.

The location was a Safe Haven for the rich in case of invasion on mainland America. The island was in an unknown region in Atlantic Ocean.
Building A Safe Haven
Since the safe haven was made to be a backup
plan, the us limited its' budget to ensure there
would be no attraction to the sight.
Founder of Project Safe Haven
The founder of the modern Project Safe Haven was
Joseph Lenin Castro.

Joseph was born on June 6th 1901. He studied at UC
Berkeley where he received his masters in Economics
and Political Science.

During the Cold War, Joesph began to discover a hidden government island. He was granted permission to use this island and create a working form of communistic government.

The United States had enacted upon Joseph's
Experiment which consisted of kidnapping orphans and workers around the US and shipping them to
Project Safe Haven. They would brainwash their citizens to believing a communistic economy would work
Post War
During the cold war nuclear war happened that cause a near extinction for humanity. All humanity was exposed to nuclear radiation except for the PSH.
The PSH would go on to develop a pentarchy
communistic government that would eradicate
World Hunger, Unequal Distribution of
Wealth, and World Crimes.
A council consisting of 5 individuals are in charge of the community and how it runs. The council includes the Head of Society, The Head of Education, The Head of Defense, The Head of Economy, and The Head of Scientology.
Our educational system has been designed to give the future generations a better understanding of the history of our land, how our land has progressed to current times, and how our society and government is justified.

The top three issues our society will remedy consist of hunger, wealth, and crime.

Students are REQUIRED to attend school seven days a week, four hours a day.

The teachers who will be teaching the future students of PSH will be well trained and have gone through 3 years of apprenticeship and another 3 years of schooling, therefore they will be more than prepared to teach.
No currency exists, everything a citizen of PSH may need is given out by The Council.

The Council, a group of five officials that are the leaders of society, control the economy. If a Havian has a concern, they deposit a written request to The Council

Our society, consisting of people that have only lived and known of traditions and values of what the council allows the denizens to know completely demolishes issues of hunger, wealth, and crime. These problems would be obsolete and irrelevant.

Project Safe Haven’s police force is called BKG. Our society has been designed to eliminate three present day problems; world hunger, unequal distribution of wealth and crime.

The police system doubles as a distribution company when it comes to food.

The BKG would monitor that no illegal trading is happening to maintain the equality of wealth in society

PHS is a strict and no nonsense society.
As previously mentioned, food will be distributed evenly amongst the citizens. Through the use of surveys similar to the census, scientists will determine which families need the most food.

Research will be conducted by our scientist to determine how much of each item is to be produced/distributed, as well as what would be considered a necessity. This will effectively control the resources that are available to us.

Research will continue to play an important role in solving our society's problems. History often repeats itself, though measures will be taken to prevent that. Our scientists will research criminals of the past, and discover what frequently led to that behavior.
Seal, Motto, and Propaganda
“We were spared by destiny and chosen to rebuild the new world”
~Joseph Lenin Castro
Concerning Children
Children are crucial for this society. For one they are the future leaders and workers for PSH. The Children are how this society will be kept going for generations to come.
Media in PSH consists of newspapers and books, all of which expound upon the ideologies of the society. The main form of media is a newspaper, titled “PSH Today!”
Public internet and cellphones are non-existent. A “Walkie-Talkie”-like object, called a Communicator,
Fashion in PSH will be simple but stylish. Each person will be distributed their own jumpsuit which will show their generation difference
White: For the newborns since tol show their innocence and purity
Yellow: for the ages 5-12 yellow
Green:used for adolescents ages 13-18 green
Red: for ages 19-30
Blue: for ages 31-45
Brown: the color for the ages 46-55
Purple: will be for the ages 56-65
Gray will be for ages 66-till older
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