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Economics as Related to other Social Sciences

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Mark Bryn Agcambot

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Economics as Related to other Social Sciences

Economics as Related to other Social Sciences
Political Science
The word political science comes from a Greek word "polis" which means "city" or "state" and science comes from the Latin word "scire" which means "to know". Hence, Political Science is a systematic study of the state and government.
According to Gabay, et. al (2007), "Economics as the study of the proper allocation and efficient use of scarce resources to produce commodities for the satisfaction of unlimited needs and wants of man.
Economics as Social Science
In our early definition of Economics, we classified economics as social science because it deals with the study of life of man and how he deals with other as a member of society. There are some social sciences that are related Economics. These social sciences are distinctly related to one another because they study the social life of human beings but differ in methods of analysis and objectives.
In a biological aspect we need to find out what the necessities of man for him to survive. Because of this we need to determine the perception and opinion of an individual in economics, and this refers to the psychological process.

In economics, it is really necessary to understand the social aspects so that we become aware of the basic needs of a human being to enhance his social life.
Political Science is important in economics because it studies the mechanics of the distribution of power, and its primary concern is to find out the relationship between the authority and the masses.
It give us information on the main role of people occupying different positions in the government. the main task of these people is to serve, and not to be served by the people.
Sociology comes from the Greek word "socio" and "logus" which together mean "Study of the Society."
It studies the society by means of analyzing human groups, institutions, and its social relationships. It analyzes the social patterns that results from numerous individual interactions.
Psychology is derived from the Greek words "psyche" and "logos", meaning soul and study. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the behavior and living organisms with special attention to human behavior.
Psychology studies the society from the viewpoint of individuals and groups. It finds out how psychology influences society and groups, and how society influences the individual's personal response to social stimuli and pressures.
It gives us an idea on how it is related to economics through mind conditioning that influence an individual's perception and decision (i.e. buying of goods and services, choosing leaders in the government popularity).
History is important in studying economics not only through a systematic recording of past events, but a detailed and in-depth interpretation of the causes and effects of past events on the lives of the members of the society.

Through history we're able to compare the things that happened in the past and correlate it with what is happening at the present time.

By means of in-depth interpretation we can able to solve problems encountered in the past. it is not really necessary to forget the things that happened in the past but we can use events to promote the welfare of the people.
It is a branch of science that studies the biological, psychological, social, and cultural aspects of human life.
Greek words "anthropos" and "logus" which together mean "study of group or people"
The term "social science" refers to one or more branches of study on human activity. Branches of social sciences include anthropology, history, political science, sociology, and economics. All of the social sciences seek to understand and establish causal relationships between actions, behaviors, and events in human existence. Political Science, Sociology, Psychology and Economics are social science branches that seek to anticipate, understand and explain current human activity
Thank you for listening!
- Mark Bryn M. Agcambot
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