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Cell phone shouldn't be banned from schools

No description

Daniah Al Ani

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Cell phone shouldn't be banned from schools

Students should use their cell phones as a quick way to look up information and sometimes they use camera/video to catch up in their subjects if they haven't finished it.Most of the students use their cell phones to contact with their parents.
Why should students use their cell phones?

''Using technology in everyday life is not that new to us because we grew up with technology'' Delta said
''Technology Quotes''
Students using cell phones during class for school work.
Counter argument
Counter argument
Students are not allowed to use their cell phones or devices every time they want to,they have to use it only when their teacher tell them to use it for school work. If the teacher will find them using it without permission, she will take it up.
How to dismiss the counter argument?
Students are not allowed to text or call during school,they are allowed to text and call before and after school only to contact with their parents
Cell phone shouldn't be banned from schools.
''Teachers are now making students use their cell phones or devices as a clicker to answer questions'' Millian said
Students will not pay attention to the teacher while they are using their cell phones,what about if they were texting, not using it for school work?
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