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Information or Inspiration: Improving Your Non-Profit's Publications

A presentation to be given June 27, 2011 in Portland, OR.

heather andrews

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Information or Inspiration: Improving Your Non-Profit's Publications

Improving Your Non-Profit's Publications Information or Inspiration? heather andrews June 27, 2012 OUTLINE Part I Part II Part III Comparable Publications
American Bicyclist (League of American Bicyclists)
The Cycletter (Bicycle Transportation Alliance) Non-Profits and Non-Profit Publishing
About Adventure Cycling Association
About Adventure Cyclist Recommendations for Non-Profits
Discussion PART I Introduction Master of Publishing Program PART II Adventure Cycling Association Adventure Cyclist Magazine thank you for coming! Member Survey Results (2012) (take a handout!) About MPub
Project Report Introduction Project Report Non-Profits and
Non-Profit Publishing About About Comparable Organizations American Bicyclist League of American Bicyclists The Cycletter Bicycle Transportation Alliance Comparison to
Cyclist Recommendations to Non-Profits Adjust editorial approach
Think forward!
Willingness to change/evolve
Proactively solicit reader feedback "When telling your story to the media, talk about the difference you're making in people's lives, not about who you are or how your organization functions." -Carol Goar "'Why in God's name didn't I take the Alps more seriously?' I say to myself while desperately clenching the brakes as my bike careens down a snowfield high on a wind-blasted mountainside. It's the first week of October and my riding partner Crash and I are at 9,000 feet somewhere in the remote mountains along the Swiss-Italian border. Everywhere there's snow and cliff and one monstrous mountain after another plummeting into an uninhabited valley far below." -Aaron Teasdale Following the rules of the road is a core principle of the League's Smart Cycling program: it's woven into every education program, brochure, curriculum, story we write, and presentation we give to any audience." -Andy Clarke the SCALE of Non-Profits in the United States • Between 2002-2004, non-profit employment grew by 5% when private employment grew 1%.
• Between 2007-2010, non-profit employment grew by 5% as private job sector shrunk due to economic downturn.
• The non-profit sector in US is the fifth largest in the world, employing 10% of the workforce and generating 5% of the country's GDP. TWO TYPES OF NON-PROFITS • Publishing is What They Do • Publishing is One of the Things They Do editorial, design, integration If you're going to go digital... ...you can do better than this! is this totally obvious? what approach does your non-profit use? what has been successful for you? did i leave the iron on? what do you want to know more about? does your publication captivate readers? any tips to share with us? is everyone on board with your publication? how can you increase your audience? "We decided [the magazine] didn't have to be a house organ and that it would be more beneficial for members/readers to be told stories that would inspire them to continue to travel by bike, or start traveling by bike. We figured if they remained inspired to ride, they'd remain inspired to help support the organization through membership." - Michael Deme, Editor "Many organizations produce brochures, reports, booklets, and even books. All of these should contain information about how and why to give. This information should be placed where a person would be likely to see it, usually at the front or the back of the publication. Where appropriate, include return envelopes. Make sure it is easy to order these materials online, and if you have your own online gift store, add a donation line to the checkout page." -Kim Klein PART III
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