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Birley Fields: impact of the new campus on Hulme

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Carla Nuttall

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Birley Fields: impact of the new campus on Hulme

Birley Fields
Community Cohesion

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Public Consultation
Our detailed consultation was according to Manchester City Council one of the most extensive ever undertaken for a major development in the area.

The consultation took more than two years to complete and although not without its detractors, secured overwhelming support.

What have we learned?
Community Cohesion workshop
What do we mean by community?
MMU Aspirations for the Birley Fields Community
Key issues in the community
Roadmap... our next steps
Your thoughts?

MMU is proud to be developing Birley Fields as a Community Campus.

As the final major piece of the jigsaw in the regeneration of Hulme, the new Campus offers a unique opportunity to create a focal point within the area to improve community satisfaction and integration.

Working with local partners we want Birley Fields to become a place that everyone will be proud of and enjoy.
Aspirations for Birley Fields
Community Engagement
Strategy implemented to address challenges and to develop lasting partnerships
Community aspirations were built into plans for the new Campus
The Birley Fields Community Engagement Programme got under way in earnest, January 2013 with a busy schedule of activity.


Birley Fields
Community Forum
Transport Working Group established
Weekly site meetings
with contractors *approx. 20 enquiries dealt with per month
Birley Fields
Community Newsletter

developed and maintained.
Information boards
designed and updated quarterly
Six community
per month *in addition to formal meetings, groups and events
for existing community events
Delivered 4
employment and training events
, plus volunteering opportunities, workshops and site visits
MMU has collaborated with over 20 schools and local organisations and delivered 27
community projects
Six community projects
identified and developed in addition to existing MMU outreach activity.
Social Media
- Twitter and LinkedIn profiles established
Birley Fields is a massive opportunity for both MMU and the surrounding neighbourhood

Parking and traffic will continue to present challenges

Employment and training opportunities will be a key marker of the positive contribution MMU makes to the area.

There is much interest in the use of shared facilities but clarity is needed on what this means in practice

There are concerns about a large influx of new students, issues around community cohesion and pressure on existing local services

Keep listening. There's always more we can and should be doing
Birley Fields Community Engagement Programme
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