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Invasive Plants

No description

Luke Mummert

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Invasive Plants

What are Invasive Species? Controlling
Invasives Plants on DCNR's "Watch" List How They Thrive Invasive Species- Invasive Plant Species Common Pennsylvania
Invasive Plants Other PA Invasive Species Chinese Wisteria Ways Invasive Plants Were Introduced Herbicides A non-native species whose introduction
does, or is likely to cause economic
or environmental harm or
harm to human health. 60% Horticultural Activities (Gardening & Planting Non-Native, Exotic Plants)
30% Conservation Efforts (Planting Windbreaks, Soil Erosion Control & Cover for Wildlife)
10% Accidental Introduction (Shipping Abroad & Ship Ballast Being Dumped with Seeds or Plants) Produce large numbers of new plants each season.
Tolerate many soil types and weather conditions.
Spread easily and efficiently, usually by wind, water, or animals.
Grow rapidly, allowing them to displace slower growing plants.
Spread rampantly when they are free of the natural checks and balances found in their native range. Natural Methods Mowing Kudzu Giant hogweed Beefsteak Plant Siberian Elm Norway Maple Johnson Grass Common Periwinkle Golden Bamboo White Mulberry Chinese Silvergrass Ravenna Grass Prevention & Not Spreading Invasive Plants Further Spraying Plants to Eradicate Them Planting Only Natives
Cleaning Gear & Vehicles
Early Detection of Invasive Species
Removal of Plants While at Low Densities
Minimize Land Disturbances
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