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Dublin Bus Ditigal Marketing

Consumer Behaviour Assignment 2015 - Group 1

Conor Timmons

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Dublin Bus Ditigal Marketing

By Conor Timmons, Mark Ronan,
Scott Penco, and Faizan Choudhry

Background Information
Meanwhile inside the bus...
Digital Marketing
The marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media.

Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not require the use of the internet. It includes mobile phones (both SMS and MMS), social media marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing, and any other form of digital media

(Financial Times, 2015)

Social Media
Mobile App
Established in 1987
Wholly owned subsidiary of the state-owned Córas Iompar Eireann Group.
The service runs from Newcastle in County Wicklow to the south, Balbriggan in north County Dublin and Maynooth in County Kildare to the west
118 million customers a year
An average of 400,000 customers each day from Monday to Friday
Fleet of over 900 buses

6 Components of a Successful Digital Marketing Audit
(Smiciklas, 2011)
Regular updates regarding their service
Organic or paid exposure of website and social media
Website usability
How effectively is information presented and consumed?
Text, Video, Photos, Audio, and Applications.
Strength of content assets
Are your digital channels designed with a conversion funnel in mind?
Social media channels accessible from your website?
Cross linking from one social media channel to another
What metrics are you using to gauge performance?
Tweet continuously on a daily basis

Tweet route diversions, events,
services, website
difficulties, etc.

#Isthisyours? for lost belongs
left on buses

Used by their mascot “Network Noel”


29 posts

Posts funny images of himself in relation to the events of the day E.g. – Noel coming home after an Irish rugby game

• “Network Noel” has a huge presence on the channel
• JedBus 2013 – Used to promote Dublin bus as the sponsor of the Christmas
Panto 2013 at the Olympia Theatre
• Ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS

Due to the Cross city works in order to build a new Luas line Luas and
Dublin have teamed up to let their customers know about some
of the changes to some bus routes taking places.

Bus to Events
The Dublin bus app currently has over 300,000 installs
Mobile Application
Wifi in all buses since 2014
Consumer Behaviour
Definition- This refers to what happens when consumers exposed
to and comprehend stimuli in the customer environment

3 Stages of Perception
Exposer stage: Consumer initially receiving information through senses
Attention stage: Allocate processing capacity
Comprehension stage: Interpret and engage with stimuli

Consumer Interaction with Dublin Bus
Dublin bus uses the colour yellow as a point of recognition. This colour is consistent throughout all their digital marketing channels(exposer stage)
The colour yellow can grab a lot of attention, making Dublin Bus instantly recognizable in the public and online(attention stage)
Through the use of this stimulating colour, coupled with the aesthetically pleasing design and layout of their website and app, Dublin Bus can achieve engagements with consumers (comprehension stage)

The processes that cause people to behave as they do.
We study motivation to understand the search, consumption
and disposal of goods and services.
(Soloman, 2010)

• Motivation is used in the satisfaction of needs:

- Utilitarian – a desire to achieve
some functional or practical benefit.
- Hedonic – an experiential need, involving emotional responses or fantasies.
• State of tension is created (difference between current state and ideal state)
• Driven by this tension to achieve the ‘ideal’

• Dublin Bus target the utilitarian need of consumers (practical service – bus for transport)

• Satisfies these needs by:

- Providing a regular bus service that covers the entire county
- Continuously (real time) informing customers of their services through their mobile app, digital bus stops, website, Facebook and Twitter.

The Dublin buses have become synonimous with
the city's image

Culture is adaptive. It satisifes needs by providing norms (rules of behaviour) and values.
(Soloman, 2010)

Dublin bus molds its schedule around its customers
and acknowledges the certain important events within
the Dublin calendar whilst also supporting local initiatives
Social class

Dublin bus is there for servicing all of the community.
They strive to get people from all walks of life to use the bus
and lessen the amount of traffic on the Dublin streets
Synchronize the app with the Leap Card
Customers create an account through the app
Customers can check their leap card balance on the card
Receive personalized offers specific to the routes they use most frequently
Traffic alerts about personally used routes
Competitions on social media accounts
Increase traffic to Facebook and Twitter pages through competitions involving sharing Dublin Bus related content online.
Offer prizes, such as Leap Card credit
Promote 'Bus to Event' with competitions for free tickets to events though the sharing of content.
On the App
Utilize the App with additional features
Games for commuters (gamification)
Integrated Maps


Dublin Bus' digital marketing strategy is very modern and continuously updated. We are confident that our recommendations will build more attraction towards the service, and increase customer interactions.
We have arrived!

Thank you for your attention

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Mobile App Features
Wifi Log-in Screen
Points for using Wifi
Collect and Redeem
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