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Personal Decisions Vs. Public Consequences: Social Media

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Natassja Conway

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Personal Decisions Vs. Public Consequences: Social Media

This Means That Sometimes...
What to Remember...
Kindness is Contagious

Peer Pressure is Both Good and Bad

Small Choices Can Lead to Big Consequences

We Want to Choose Quality Consequences

What do we know?
Online Choices
Social Media
Online Safety:

Public Consequences and Private Consequences
Technology Can be Fun
iPads, iPods, computers and social media can be Helpful
We Have to Be Responsible Online Too!
The Choice is Yours
Choosing Quality Consequences
Posting Positivity
Personal Private Choices --> Public Consequences
And Public Choices are sometimes Disguised as Private Choices
For Example: Online Digital Choices seem Private, but are really Public
Private Vs. Public Choices
Private Choices:
Choices that you make on
your own
like the consequences.
Taking care of your body
Public Choices:
you make
because the
consequence is good for everyone.
Public Consequences
are consequences that everyone knows about and can be harmful or helpful to others.
Private Consequences
are consequences that only harm or help you.
A lot of private choices turn to public consequences online

Online choices are

We need to be careful about the choices we make online
Negative Online Choices
Cyber Bullying: Using hurtful images and words through technology

Social Bullying: Rumors and Gossip
Negative Consequences of Negative Online Choices
Low Self-Respect

Our Choices Can't Be Erased

Our Choices are Public

Let's Talk Technology!
What do forms of technology do you use?

What do you use technology for?
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