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About Me Project

No description

Antonio Ulloa

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of About Me Project

All About Me By: Antonio Ulloa My Basic Information My birthday is February 15, 1997. My name is Antonio Ulloa. Fun Facts About My Name Antonio means worthy of praise Ulloa means one who orignally came from Ulloa in Spain. My Favorite Activites Drawing manga/anime type characters is my favorite hobby. Playing Xbox 360 (gaming) is another hobbie of mine. Watching anime and reading manga is also in my top three hobbies. My Lovely Family My family consists of 7 people. I have 3 sisters, one little brother, and two parents.
My sisters names are Itsel, Alina, and Nicole Ulloa.
My littler brothers name is Richard Ulloa.
My moms name is Rosalinda Ulloa and my dads name is Antonio Ulloa. Photos Of My Hobbies Manga Favorite Games Some of my drawings I was born in Zitacuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. I am currently 15 years old. Photos of my Family My dad My mom Alina is at the bottom left.
Itsel is in the middle with the blue shirt.
Nicole is at the far right.
Richard is at the bottom.
My cousin happened to be in the photo. My name has been passed down in my family for 3 generations now. First my grandpa, then my dad, and now me. My Learning Style Interpersonal Learner

What that means is that I work best alone. It also means that if I am in a group I usually end up doing all the work in the group(has happened many times in the past and a couple of times already this year). Note Taking
I'm not sure what category of the learning style this falls under but its a big asset to me. Whenever I take notes the information sticks to me and well it helps me learn a lot better. My Family History Dads Side
My dads side of the family is mixed with Spaniard but that dates back and am not sure exactly when they got mixed. His family all has colored eyes, are tall, and white skin so basically you can tell when Spaniard has been put in the blood. Moms Side
My moms side on the other hand is more pure Mexican blood. My grandma is really short and brown just like her mom, my great grandmother, just like a native Mexican. Another thing about my family is that we all come from a place called El Encinal in Michoacan, Mexico. Basically everybody there has the last name Ulloa and is related in some way. My parents are related but are distant cousins and they found that out when they told them that all the people from there are related. So that is why if your from certain places in Mexico you get a double last name like mine (Ulloa Ulloa). Relative Photos Grandparents from my moms side of the family. There're darker than my dads side of the family. My dads side of the family which is not dark at all. Who Is also my family:
My Tio Felix and My Tia Consuelo who I consider my parents as well because they took me in for quite a while. Also cousins Gerardo And Felix who are like brothers to me. My Uncle is at the far left.
My aunt is at the lady.
Gerardo had the Guitar Hero shirt.
Felitos is up front. Theme Song Name of song: Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin The reason I chose this song is because I've always had a certain interest for war ever since I was little. I've been wanting to join the marines for some time now and maybe will in the future and well this song just speaks in a way that further increases my desire to join the marines. Thank You!!! Thank you all for your time and hope you have enjoyed my presentation. :) Note: (I'm scared to take photos so sorry that I didn't have any with me in them).
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