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History of Henna Tattoo (Mehendi)

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Madison Hyatt

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of History of Henna Tattoo (Mehendi)

Why did people start doing Mehendi? Peple srarted doing mehendi because the henna plant was easier to find and grow. Henna quickly replaced lanka. In India mehendi is a way to enhance a womens beauty! :) The History of Henna Tattoo :)
By: Madison Nicole Hyatt
What is henna paint made from? henna paint comes from the egyptian plant the Lawsonia inermis. They also mix the paint with dried berries to make the red powder for the red henna paint. the shoots and leaves of the plant are mixed with catechu. the red paint contains naura a substance made from lime powder, and shanadoh a substance made from powdered crystal amoniac What are some traditions associated with mehendi? in India Mehendi is a large part of a womans wedding. A female family
member, a sister or if the brid doesent have a sister then a close cousin, comes to the brides home and performs a ceremony. then a hannaya or a naqasha, a professional henna artist, does the Mehendi on the brides hands, feet, arms, and legs. the lawsonia inermis an indian bride mehendi mehendi.... the end! :)
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