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The American Revolution and the United Colony, 1763

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Joshua Brant

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The American Revolution and the United Colony, 1763

Chapter 6 The American Revolution and the United Empire Loyalist What were some reasons why the U.S 13 colonies rebelled against Great Britain Colonists are angry because they will not be allowed to expand into the Ohio River Colonists feel that Britain does not care about them Britain places a tax on inported items Colonists had to pay for stamps before purchase of news papper,playing cards,documents,calendars,ect Britian Imposes tax on molasses VS Who were the Loyalist They came from 13 colonies and took care of a cross section of the American society The loyalist were a mixed collection of people Some of the loyalist were rich landowners and others were very poor landowners About three quarters of the loyalist were farmers, artisans, shopkeepers, and merchants
What happend to the Loyalist during the war Most Loyalist were robbed of their money,land,furniture and livestock. Some Loyalist were attacked brutally by armed mobs
Patriots set out to terrify any one that they thought was a Loyalist Where did the Loyalist go The loyalist went to North America (Canada) What was the outcome of the war Who were some key people during the war The war ended in 1783 Britain retreated and gave up all the territory of all of the colonies Americans made it very hard to for Loyalist to come back to their homes and take back their property Loyalist were foced to pay higher taxs then every one else Joseph Brant Molly Brant Nova Scotia,Quebec,prince Edward Island Ile St.Jean,and New Brunswick
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