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Speeds of Cars From Roblox

No description

Molly Walker

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Speeds of Cars From Roblox

Some Awesome Cars
The Fastest Car
The Slower Cars
Here is a Video of one Car:)
The Median Speed
The Slowest Speed
These are some really fast cars from Roblox. These guys have some fast milage. Hold on tight, because you're probably going to fly off the road with these. These cars can't stay pretty though because they hit the walls.
This is a
video for you
from me, playing
Thank You!!!
The fastest car was the Chevy that was about 200 mph. This car was fast and furious. This car almost made me hit the other cars on the road. I'm glad I didn't !!!.:)
These are slower cars that don't show their milage when you drive them around. That's why we pick the other cars that show milage. These can go up to 50 miles with a couple plain cars that show milage.
The median speed is about 150 mph. These cars can hit you in 2 seconds and you won't even know what the heck hit ya. A lot of the cars are pretty cool, some of them can be old, but fast. Sometimes the people will fly up in the air after getting hit by a car like those. You could be on the other side of town too.
The slowest speed was about 100 mph because the cars did go fast and stayed in the hundreds. These cars just can't slow down. A lot of times, they slide off the roads and hit something,or someone.

Reminder: This is a prezi with cars from a game called Roblox. This is a game some people might be familiar with, but not all. Please make sure to ask questions. Enjoy! Thank You!!!:)
Speeds of Cars From Roblox
Any Questions? Please, no dumb questions:)
Thanks For Watching!!!:) Bye!
By: Brian Strunk
My credits are to,http:/ Prezi.com/m8olboafg5jk/#12_24309637 and Roblox.com. Also, thanks for the video Badnews20!!! :)
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