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CMIN 101 (Fa '16) T12b - Creative Persuasion

Click on the bottom right ARROW to proceed. Then, move your cursor at the bottom to MORE, click on Fullscreen, press ESC to exit Fullscreen mode . . .

Hartmut Scherer

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of CMIN 101 (Fa '16) T12b - Creative Persuasion

Christian Persuasion
The Need for Christian Persuasion
- people are not open, not interested or not needy
requires persuasion (an art of speaking)
Goal of persuasion: winning hearts and minds and people
rather than "arguments"
Manner of persuasion: true to the gospel
learn to address people wherever they are
Biblical Examples of Christian Persuasion
- 1 Kings 22:1-28
~400 prophets declared: Attack and win!
Micaiah: "I saw all Israel scattered on the mountains, as sheep
that have no shepherd."
Ahab was confronted with a true prophecy. From now on, he was without excuse.
- 1 Kings 20:26-43
"So shall your judgment be. You yourself have decided it."
Christian Persuasion - Communicating the Gospel
The art of Christian persuasion helps us to . . .
1) speak constructively to any person at any time
2) be more decisively Christian in our communication
- will not always lead to success
- challenges people to be responsible to the truth
- "If it works, use it" leads to formulas
Challenges for Christian Communicators
b) but are convinced that they are tired of it
- to restate something that people think they are familiar with
Acting out the word of God in public was very effective.
- Christian communication of the gospel is shaped by our
understanding of God's communication in Christ
- is shaped by creation, fall incarnation, cross, Spirit of God
a) but actually they don't know it
Sources and Image Credit
Key thoughts adopted from Os Guinness,
Fool's Talk
, Introduction and chapter 1.
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