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Changes in regulations and equipment to improve player safety.

Jennie Keohacksa

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Football

Were invented by Princeton student L.P. Smock in 1877.
They were made out of leather and wool and sewn into jerseys.
It was not until the beginning of the 1900s when shoulder pads harnesses were invented.
These were made still of leather and wool until the 1960s-1970s when they began to be made ouf of plastic.
There are now different shoulder pads for different positions
Shoulder Pads
The History of

Works Cited
Safety Equipment
Regulation Changes
History of Football
Results of Changes
November 6, 1869 - Football arrives in America, closely resembling Rugby.
20 players per team on the field at a time.
In 1873, IFA reduces number of players from 20 to 15 per team on the field.
Soon after, number of players is reduced from 15 to 11 per team on the field
In 1882-1912, Downs increased from 3 to 4 attempts and from 5 to 10 yards to advance due to mass violence in the sport.
The History of
When Princeton and Rutgers played the first collegiate football game in 1869, they did not have helmets.
Helmets were not mandated until 1939.
Prior to this, helmets that
worn were made out of leather.
It was not until around the 1940s that the idea for plastic helmets was brought up.
It was by this time helmets began to look like what they do today.
By the 1970s, padding inside helmets was introduced.
The End!
Rules and Regulation Changes
Landon Souriyadeth

Chynna Denham
Presented by:
Samson Sorluangsana
About 1905, President Roosevelt calls for the creation of the NCAA over concern of increasing brutality of Football.
Within a decade, there were 18 deaths.
NCAA redesigns the ball, legalizes the forward pass, and creates a neutral zone.
Game time was shortened from 70 minutes to 60 minutes
It is now American Football.
Have been around as long as helmets.
Before facemasks became official, players made their own face protection.
First attempt at a genuine facemask was a shield made by company Riddell in 1953.
This was banned by the NFL because it would shatter on impact.
Riddell followed up with a single bar facemask. From the single bar, the facemask became official and it is still being improved and customized today.
No contact between between a defender and receiver pass 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.
Clipping now extends to safeguard the side of the legs.
No tolerance for taunting or it will draw a 15 yard penalty
Number of serious injuries down since improvements in safety equipment.
Deaths have become very rare.
Players have longer health in football and after retirement.
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