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gawain leckie-harre

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Missouri

Bald eagale There is 2,000 bald eagles in Missouri. They used to be endangered, but now they are not. There is now over 7,000 of them. Bald eagles eat fish. One of the largest birds of prey. They make nests out of sticks. They nest in trees. Once the eggs start to hatch,the eggs take 12- 48 hours to finish. Sources- baldeagle info.com, the bald eagle in Missouri (Missouri conservation department.) This picture by Bev Sykes. Missouri maps Scott Joplin An African American composer and pianist He was "BLESSED" with an ability to improvise at the piano He was able to enlarge his talent with the music heard around him Missouri is the show me state The govener is Jay Nixon and the Lt. govener is Peter Kinder. 5 famous Missourians:
Scott Joplin, he made music, John Goodman, he is an actor. He is in the Speed Racer movie, Harry Truman, He is the 33rd president, TS Eliot, He is a poet and a playwrite, Robert Altman, He is a director. 3 important dates: 1673, the first eurapians to set foot on Missouri, 1682, Robert Cavaliter took positon of Louisiana territory, 1703, Misson of St. Frances abandond because of unhelthy swamps. Thats all! Bye! The maple leaf rag is VERY famous. The bad prezi
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