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Cell Analogy project.

No description

Wilson Maddox

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell Analogy project.

Cell analogy project (Hospital)
Nucleus / Hospital Director
The hospital director is like the nucleus of a cell because they tell the hospital what to do and directs it.
Ribosomes/ Nurses
The nurses are the ribosomes of a hospital because they take the info from the hospital director and use it treat patients, like how ribosomes produce protein based on the direction of the nucleus.
Chloroplast/ cafeteria
The cafeteria is the chloroplast of the hospital because it makes food for the people in it, the chloroplast makes food for the cell to use.
Golgi body/receptionist
The receptionist is the hospitals Golgi body because she sends patients where they need to go inside the hospital as well as releases them. Golgi bodies collect,modify , and project cell material around the cell.
vacuole / Medicine cabinets
Medicine cabinets are the vacuoles of a hospital because they store medicine and medical supplies like a vacuole stores material for the cell to use.
Generators are the mitochondria of a hospital because they generate power for the building. Mitochondria produce energy for the cell to work on its daily routines.
ER/ gurneys
The gurneys are the ER of a hospital because they carry patients around the hospital, the ER transports cell products throughout the cell.
Lysosome/ janitors
The janitors are the lysosomes of the hospital because they get rid of the waste of the hospital, the lysosomes get rid of no longer needed organelles and cell waste.
Cell Membrane
Mitochondria/ Generators
The sliding glass door in a hospital is the cell membrane because it controls what comes in and out of the hospital, like the cell membrane controls what comes in and out.
Cilia + flagella
The ambulance is the Cilia and flagella of a hospital because it moves patients to and from the hospital, the Cilia and Flagella move the cell around.
Cell wall/ Hospital wall
The wall around a hospital protects it from weather and unauthorized people, the cell wall of a plant does the same thing by keeping out pathogens and other infectious material.
Cytoplasm/hospital hallways
The hallways are like the cytoplasm of the hospital, they are what thing travel through and are in. In an actual cell, the cytoplasm holds all the organelles and provides a medium for material to be in.
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