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The Child's Story

No description

stella tami

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of The Child's Story

The Child's Story
Plot summary
The End
Charles Dickens
Author of many books memorable to the literature world, Charles Dickens has written some other award winning books such as:
-Great Expectations
-Oliver Twist
-A Christmas Carol
-Three Ghost Stories

And many more

Other Works of the Author

The Child's story takes place from what seems to a pretty forest outdoors in the middle of nowhere.
The time frame of the story is not indicated/specified.
The Child's Story is a short story about a traveler who set out on a magical journey. He makes several stops meeting different individuals who he spends a short time with. He meets a young child , a young boy, a young man, a beautiful woman and then an old man. He speaks of these individuals as though they are different people not realizing they are his former selves The Child's Story is basically the big important stages of growing up and the cycle of life we will all go through. From a carefree easy childhood, to spontaneous youth, transitioning to adulthood.
The traveler: he sets out on his magical journey and meets his past selves along the way.
The young child: described as being carefree and "always at play"
Young boy: described as being handsome, the young boy is "always learning" and together they learn about "Jupiter and Juno, and the Greeks and the Romans."
Young man: he is "always in love" and tells the traveler to come along and join him. The traveler meets a girl that looks just like "Fanny"(presumably his wife) with "eyes like Fanny, and hair like Fanny, and dimples like Fanny's" The traveler falls in love instantly with her.
Young woman: presumably a younger version of Fanny, the traveler falls in love with her.
Middle-aged Gentleman: he was "always busy" and asks the traveler to join him. The gentleman is accompanied by a wife and kids.
The main theme of the story was the circle of life because you look back on the traveler's life and watch him transition and become to what he was now.
He went from child, to boy to man and he grew old
The story is narrated in third person point of view because the story is told from an observer's view point.
In the end of the story, it switches to first person because the traveler's son is reading the story out loud.
The atmosphere/tones of the story are: joyful, exciting, and a bit serious because his transition from child to adult was easy going and happy and things started getting serious and more tense as he got older.
The main conflict of the story is man vs. self because although through each transition, he struggled a bit to let each part go, he moved on.
The individuals the traveler meets:
-they symbolize his transition from childhood to adulthood. Each individual was older than the previous one so this was his life, he was watching himself grow up.
-the sunset at the end symbolized the end of his transitioning and his peacefulness and happiness.
originating from the middle east, a scimitar is a short, curved sword.

- To be broken up into separate parts and pieces.

the possibility of a future event occurring.

- a rather large natural space underground big enough for animals or individuals to enter.

originating from India in the 13th century, Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams of 11.

Intro: the story begins with a traveler planning to go on a "magical journey"
Rising action: when the children start parting and going their separate ways.
Climax: when the wife is summoned to heaven and the traveler spots the old man.
Falling action: The sunset appears and all of the traveler's friends come back
Conclusion: The story suddenly changes to a first person P.O.V. and you realize the person reading is the traveler's grandson
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