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A Walk in the Woods

No description

Michele Robbins

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods
by Bill Bryson

Michele Robbins
10/15/14, period 5
English III

by Bill Bryson
The Appalachian Trail
stretches from Georgia
to Maine and covers some
of the most breathtaking
terrain in America.
-born in Des Moines, Iowa
-lived in England for 20 years
-wrote for most major British and American publications
-books include travel memoirs
- his account of his attempts to walk the Appalachian Trail,
A Walk in the Woods
, was a huge
New York Times

Journal Question

13. How does the subject of your book or the characters change or evolve throughout the course of the book? What events trigger such changes? Cite two examples from the text.
The trail measures
Bill Bryson and
About the Book
Journal Question

5. Every book, short story, play, poem and movie is told from a particular point of view. From which point of view is your story being told? Is this effective? Why or why not? Cite one example from the text.
This concludes my presentation.
Thru Hiking vs. Section Hiking
Facts and Info:

-about one in four make it all the way; prepare to be successful

-person who has completed or is attempting to walk the entire Appalachian Trail in one uninterrupted journey

-completes the A.T. in multiple trips over a period of years
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