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Time at Speed of light

No description

Angelica Rocha

on 10 December 2016

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Transcript of Time at Speed of light

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So does this mean if we go at the speed of light we can stop time and study for our FINALS!!????!!!
Yes and No
Einsteins Twin Paradox
Twins, Al and Bert are 10 years old

Al's parents decide to send him to summer camp 25 light-years away. Bert stays on Earth.
His parent send him at 99.99 % the speed of light.

The trip takes 50 years.
What happens when Al returns?
His twin brother is now 60 years old, but Al is only 10 and a half.

How can this be?
He may have aged by only half a year in the time it took 50 years to pass on Earth, but he also only lived half a year.
And since time can slow down but never goes backwards, there's no way he could grow younger.
The End
"Since we haven't cracked time travel yet, I have run out of time. Thank you for listening. "
-Stephen Hawking
Work Cited

Speed of light is Constant
So time for you and someone on a rocket is different
Theory of Special Relativity
Laws of motion are the same for all inertial frames of reference and that the speed of light is the same for all inertial reference frames. This leads to the equivalence of mass and energy, time dilation, and length contraction.
By: Angelica Rocha-Herrera
Time at Speed of light
Objects gain mass as they accelerate
Acceleration need a push
So more mass = bigger push
speed of light= infinite amount of mass and infinite amount of push to keep it moving.
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