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The Lottery Ticket

No description

sadia jacobs

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Lottery Ticket

The Lottery Ticket
Main Characters
The climax of this short story happens when Ivan, the protagonist finally finds out that they haven't won the lottery ticket, and so all their fantasies collapsed.
Theme of the story

the theme of the lottery ticket is how money definitely does not buy love and how, it has the potential to destroy it.
The tone is very detached and disengaged
" Ivan dmitrich, a middle class
literary techniques
The irony in the story is when Ivan dmitrich doesn't read the number of the ticket, yet he continued to imagine his life with all the luxury
Visual Imagery
The ticket symbolize greed, disappointment, and hope because it cause both Ivan and Masha become greedy, angry and unhappy.
'' And in the water, near the opaque soap circles. little fish flit to and fro and green water- weeds nod their heads."
" It rains day and night, the bare trees weep all night, the wind is damp and cold."
Ivan Dmitrich
Masha Dmitrich
The antagonist of the story.
The protagonist of the story.
Both characters are considered dynamic because, they both experience a change during the course of the story. In the beginning of the story they start of to be a really happy couple, but it quickly then turns into hatred against each other and they both become selfish.
Figurative Language
point of view
Third person (narrator)
the narrator knows everything about the character and the story shifts from character to character
The setting takes place in Ivan and Masha Dmitrichs house.
Assuming from the background of the author the story may take place in Russia.
Ivan dmitrich is a middle class man who live with his family on an income of twelve hundred a year and was very well satisfied with his lot.
Masha Dmitrich is the wife if Ivan Dmitrich she is also a middle class woman who stays at home takes care of the children and does work around the house.
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