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Chapter 10 - Surfing in Cyberculture and Gaming

GVSU Critical Interpretation Class; video games, memes, internet culture.

Derek DeVries

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 10 - Surfing in Cyberculture and Gaming

Chapter 10
Surfing in Cyberculture and Gaming

Everything is Moving Online
Work | Life | Play
"We are Geeks, and we are not guys: the Systers Mailing List"
L. Jean Camp
"On the Mailing List Systers, from Computing Research News, September 1994"
Anita Borg
Women And Gaming | Forbes | Meghan Casserly, 03.25.10
Top 15 Games for Women
Brain Age
Final Fantasy
Little Big Planet
Mass Effect 2
Nancy Drew
The Sims 3
Wii Sports
World of Warcraft
Top 10 video games | Cnet | By William O'Neal
Top 10 Video Games
The Sims
Madden NFL Football
Metal Gear Solid
Grand Theft Auto III
Legend of Zelda: Ocarna of Time
Q: What differences do you notice about the two lists?
Q: How do you think men & women experience the Internet differently?
Q: Is the Internet as friendly to women as it is to men?
If so/not - why?
"Virtual Sex, Lies and Cyberspace"
Amy Harmon
Q: Have you ever taken on a different identity online? If so - what/why?
Q: Is cheating with someone online (ie cybersex)
"Cyberghetto: Blacks are Falling Through the Net"
Frederick L. McKissack Jr.
Q: Are people without Internet access missing anything (besides entertainment)? - if so, what?
"Playing War: The Emerging Trend of Real Virtual Combat in Current Video Games"
Brian Cowlishaw
German Branch of PETA Protests Rat-Killing in Battlefield 3
COD: Modern Warfare 2 Kill Civilians Option
Do war-themed video games have a positive or negative affect on the people who play them? Why/why not?
"Internet Indian Wars: Native Americans are Fighting to Connect the 550 Nations - in Cyberspace"
Glen Martin
Fighting for the Right to Tell Lies
New York Times | Dan Frosch | May 20, 2011
Richard G. Strandlof - charged under the 2006 "Stolen Valor"
act criminalizing
posing as military
What are
the ethical implications of
posing as another culture, race or ethnic background?
Behind Enemy Lines With a Suburban Counterterrorist
Wired Magazine | By Jack Hitt | 10.23.07
Civilians are posing as terrorists in chatrooms to collect intelligence (as a hobby).
Mashable | 11/9/11 | Sarah Kessler
Google+ Users Are Still Mostly Male
Google Plus Male Users:

68% Nov. 2011
85% July 2011
Homophobia in Video Games
Troop 1: You ever see a grown man naked?
Troop 2: (laughs) Hey man you still gay? I’m kidding. Don’t ask don’t tell
Troop 1: No ammo, no armor
Troop 2: Ha ha ha! That’s why I’m a cold-blooded carnivorous warrior bro!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Homophobic Easter Egg
UK Telegraph | 12/8/09 | Emma Barnett
BlizzCon Controversy George "CorpseEater" Fisher
"The Illusion of Life is Dearly Bought"
Mark Slouka
Q: Has "Virtuality" continued on the path Slouka described back in 1995?
Q: Do you agree with Slouka that "a more perfect captivity is difficult to imagine?"
"Texting and Creative Screenagers :-)"
Erin Jansen
Ralph Fiennes Thinks Twitter Is Killing The English Language And Making Shakespeare Irrelevant
Kevin Lincoln | Business Insider | October 28, 2011
Clive Thompson on the New Literacy
"We think of writing as either good or bad. What today's young people
know is that knowing
who you're writing
for and why you're
writing might be the
most crucial factor
of all."
Clive Thompson | Wired Magazine | 8/24/09
"Our expressiveness and our ease with some words is being
diluted so that the
sentence with more
than one clause is a
problem for us, and
the word of more
than two syllables
is a problem for us."
Is Twitter / Txtg good or bad 4 us? Why/Why not?
In Games Begin Responsibilities
Ralph Lombreglia
Can Video Games be Art?
"Confessions of an eBay Addict"
John Marr
Q: What does the essay say about consumerism and addictive behavior?
Marr Publishes Essay
DotCom Collapse
[March 1999]
[April 2000]
+ video games
acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures.
[Coined by Richard Dawkins in "The Selfish Gene"]
Fun With Memes
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