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SKILL 3: Be careful of Appositives

No description

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of SKILL 3: Be careful of Appositives

SKILL 3: Be careful of Appositives
What is an appositive?
An appositive is a noun, a noun phrase or a noun clause which sits next to another noun to rename it or describe it in another way.
Appositives are usually offset with commas, brackets or dashes.

My best friend, Lee, caught a whelk when he was fishing for bass. The subject in this case is "my best friend" and "Lee" is an appositive because we are adding more information or describing the best friend. In this case we are describing her name which is Lee.

Topic 3
We set this information off with commas.

They add more detail to your writing.

They give more information, maybe we are renaming or describing a little bit more.

Topic 4
Zeus, the father of Gods, is the most
powerful of all.
Three ways we can add an appositive in a sentence.
1. At the beginning of the sentence.

2. Interrupt the sentence at the middle of the sentence.

3. At the end of the sentence.

Each of these are set off with a comma and they are DIRECTLY next to the noun we are describing. AN appositive is great way to add more detail to your sentence.
How do we know when a word or phrase is an appositive?

You should read the sentence without using the word or phrase and the sentence should make sense without it.
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