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Forest School presentation - 11.03.15

No description

Amina Khatib

on 1 July 2017

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Transcript of Forest School presentation - 11.03.15

Natural art and crafts
Whittling - crafting wood
Tree climbing
Den and shelter building
Campfires and cooking
Flora and fauna identification and care
Circle times
Rope skills…knots and lashings!
Tool knowledge and safe use
Physical self-awareness
Forest School -
'Nurturing young minds using Nature's resources'

How Can You Help?
Please provide a pair of wellingtons for your child to wear.
Check the wellies regularly in case your child has outgrown them.
Do include a pair of thick socks with the wellies for them to wear, as their feet can feel quite cold.
Do encourage them to talk about what they did or made during Forest School sessions.
Some of the activities you can repeat with your child in the park, they will enjoy doing it with you - take the handouts for ideas.
Attend one of the sessions or become a volunteer!
How Forest School Came About and Why We've Included it in Our School Curriculum
Forest Schools first began in Scandinavia around the 1950’s.
Forest Schools began in the U.K in 1995.
Forest School enables children living in built up (urban) areas to experience more of the outdoor environment.
We've chosen to include this in our school curriculum ...
Key Elements of
Forest School
It offers a different learning environment
Outside in all weathers
Teamwork and co-operation
A special place
Regular and repeated
Risk taking and challenge

What is Forest School?
involves educating children in the outdoors environment on a regular basis.
It supports the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum - Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Knowledge and Understanding of The World.
Emphasis raising all children’s self-esteem and independence.It
Forest School
..some examples!

Each session runs with half a class either in the morning or afternoon.
Forest School will happen in all weather with the exception of high winds or storms.
Curriculum links are made when possible.
Some of the activities take place in Larkhall Park and some here on-site in our Forest School area.
Health and Safety precautions are taken to ensure your child's safety.
Forest School
in the Timetable
Our Aim Today
To share with you what Forest School is all about.
Why we've included it in our school curriculum.
How you can help us to support Forest School practice.
Show you our newly refurbished Forest school area
Transient Art
Timed activity for parents:

In your group - create 1 picture using the natural objects on your table.

You have 5 minutes to complete it and then share it with everyone.
Our Forest School Area

We are going to take you to have a look at our Forest School area and to try our some toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate.
Thank you for taking time
out of your day to come
to this workshop, we hope
you have found it
informative and enjoyable.
Welcome to our Parents' Meeting for EYFS -
Forest School

Headteacher -

Gary Nichol
Teacher -

Amina Khatib
Early Years Educator -


Any Questions?
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