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Slow Loris

biology 20 research paper

Tori Brassard

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Slow Loris

Slow Loris (Nycticebus Coucang) belongs to primate family
recognized for their large eyes with a dark circle around them
have a white strip down from the forhead, between the eyes, and down to the nose
tail is very short, basically a stump that is hidden in its fur
color of fur ranges from a brownish gray to a dark reddish brown
they tend to have a dark line with a white strip in the middle down the length of the back.
generally grows to the length of 30 cm
weigh up to 1.2 kg
on their hands and feet they have a special retiulum to get rid of lactic acid so they may grasp to branches for hours. Description Interesting Facts The Slow Loris is the only poisonous Primate up to date. They have a small gland on the inside of their elbow, this gland contains a fowl smelling toxin. The Slow Loris will suck from this gland and mix the substance with their saliva turning it very poisonous. This is so when the slow Loris bites something this poison will trigger an extreme allergic reaction. The mother will also use a toothcomb to put this on the fur of their young. Habitat The SLow Loris may be found in the Tropical Biomes Tropical Biome
125 – 660 cm a year of precipitation
wet climate
20’c – 34’c
77 – 88% humidity
70 % of plants are trees (in 1 hectare in south America 100-300 different species of trees were counted) countries include Bangladesh
Vietnam some species found in tropical biome,
black pepper

bearded pig
the slow loris
exotic birds
flying dragon The Slow Loris may reproduce once a year (interbirth intervant of a year).
the Slow Loris has one offspring each pregnancy, on the very rare occasion they may have twins.
The Slow Loris has a gestation period averaging of 191 days.
The parent cares for the offspring for 190 days, however the offspring may stay with it's parent for around 558 days. Reproduction Role The Slow Loris is an omnivore, eating insects, leaves, and birds eggs, they also consume gums.

The Slow Loris may act in carbon cycle, it inhales oxygen and exhales caron dioxide.
Also the Slow Loris may aid in the biodeochemical cycle. After passing away its body puts nutiruents back in the soil Tapirs are an endangered species of the horse and rhinoceros family. The Tapir is a herbivore. The Tapir Lives on the ground of the forest so acts as little compitition to the Slow Loris Tapirus bairdii The Bearded Pig is an omnivore of the pig family. They feed on earthworms, roots, tuber, fallen fruit, and seedlings. They are of no threat to the Slow Loris Sus barbatus leaves - insect - Slow Loris Threats It is unknown what preys on the Slow Loris. However the biggest un-natural predator is humans.
Due to deforestaion these animals are losing homes. Also they are being sold as domestic pets .
Also they are killed and dried and used for traditional medicine in market places, they are believed to treat wounds, heal broken bones, and cure stomache problems. It is illegal to have posesion of the Slow Loris in the states.

I think deforistation should be discontinued as much as possible, as well people should be educated. What is Being Done? sited

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