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Poems created by Gabriella Key

Gabi Purple

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Poems


Colorful, Waxy
Drawing, creating, inspiring
Children, artwork, students, schoolwork
Writing, copying, working
Dull, boring
Pencils Limerick

The sun comes out every single day
And then ever so sadly it fades away
Now it must be time to go in to bed
"Pesky sun!" I say in my head
But tomorrow will be a brand new day for the sun to come out and for me to play Haiku

Footprints in the sand
Waves swirl around my feet
A cold salty breeze blows Cinquain

Mystical dunes
Sizzling hot, golden sand
The vast landscape lays before you
Magic! Tanka

The ocean crashes
Wrinkled like a blue blanket
It harshly throws boats
Every wave like a whisper
And every ripple, a word Italian Sonnet

Did You Know?

Did you know that I'm super girl?
Did you know that I can fly?
Did you know that I can shoot lasers up into the sky?
Did you know that my house is made from shining mother of pearl
Did you know that the king of Polka Land is named after my great uncle Earl?
Did you know that I can't ever die?
Did you that I don't cry?
Did you know that I can disapear into a smoky gray swirl?
Did you know that I was once president?
Did you know that my name is Chang Ming?
Did you know that compared to the Ifle Tower, my chimney is much higher?
Did you know that I have all the chocolate that I could have ever dreamt?
Oh, and if you wanna' know anoher thing...
I'm a big fat liar. Septet


Tonight I stubbed my toe
Against the moldings on the wall
It made me feel so low
And ice didn't help at all!
This is a warning to you all...
Don't try to sleepwalk backward
For fear you might bludgeon your your toe very, very hard!! English Sonnet

Monster In My Air Vent

There's a monster in my airvent!
I swear that it is true
There's a monster in my airvent!
It's true, it's true, it's true!

He growls at me all through night
And moans all through day
"Could you please be quite?"
"I really wish you'd go away!"

His fingernails scratch and rattle
He cackles, his voice so deep
I can't keep up this bedtime battle
Of trying to fall asleep!

Strangely though, the monster stopped his nasty tricks
When daddy got the heater fixed!

Free Verse


Life is like a river
We are like the water
We go with the flow

Where ever life takes us
either good or bad
We go

When something blocks the path
We must know
There will be a way around

Sometimes There will be "waterfalls"
When we fall endlessly down
But we must remeber that we will reach the ground

So the river like our life
And the water like the human-race
It will keep flowing, falling, and finding its way around things
Smiles down upon the earth. Raises seedlings.
Warms happily playing children. Brings us day. Dries the world after the rain. Brings smiles to faces. Gives us Summer. Gives beautiful flowers. Concrete Poem Acrostic


Plump and plush
Invincible to punches and squishing
Lie your head upon its softness
Ommit yourself to drift away
White as a marshmellow
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