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Analysis: Changez's character development

No description

EN 114

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Analysis: Changez's character development

2. Body part: P
Point E
Explanation (how is the element used?) 3. Conclusion: E
Evidence Changez's self-image:
- involvement with America
- being a product of an American
university "I was not at war with America, far from it. I was a product of an American university." (p. 63, ll. 3-5) - still feels connected to the US, even though he is perceived as the 'typical Pakistani'
- not being active, passive object-like character Rumors about discrimination against immigrants
- rather ignores the rumors, feels safe "The FBI was raiding shops and mosques (pp. 77-78, ll. 28 - 2)"
"I ignored as best as could" (p. 77, l. 28) Task: Analyse how 9/11 causes Changez's personal American dream to turn
into a nightmare and influences his attitude towards America. 1. Introduction - central idea: with 9/11 Changez's american dream was destroyed
many people from america bully the muslims and some muslims were attacked by americans
some muslims disappeared - Changez is angry on america
he's also an target for discrimination Pakistan is a friend of Afghanistan - America attacks the Afghans
result: Changez's vision of America is destroyed
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