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Getting ready for Resume writing

No description

Sandi Coffman

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Getting ready for Resume writing

Getting ready for Resume writing
Be prepared
Arming yourself with answers to all the possible questions an interviewer might ask you builds your confidence and allows you to relax while talking with a prospective employer. By preparing a personal inventory and taking it to each interview, you will be able to answer fully, quickly, and frankly most of the of the oral or written questions that an employer may ask.
Compiling a Personal Inventory
This is a written statement of all the facts about you that might be of possible interest to an interviewer. Its purpose is to remind you of information you may be unable to recall instantly. A typical personal inventory is show in the following examples. We will work on your personal inventory together.
Personal Inventory
Important information: WHAT IS YOUR ADDRESS
Who are you
What do you know
What can you do
What have you done
What type of job would you like
Let's fill out the top part of your form:

You need to know the information above to complete this section
Although your first interest is to secure the job for which you are applying, you should have a desire to advance. Emplyoers are interested in people who are ambitions, this is because ambition leads to better work. The better your work, the more your employers will give you more important jobs to do and you can be promoted.
Short Term Goals
These are accomplishments that you want to accomplish in a day, few months or a year
These are accomplishments that take much longer and may require additional training, education, or experience. Be ready to discuss your goals with your potential employer
Long Term Goals
Personal Characteristics
The way you approach life and work comes from your personal characteristics. If you have a good attitude, are flexible and able to adapt during changing times, work well with others, and persevere until a difficult task is finished, you need to let your potential employer know this about you.
Hobbies, Experiences, and Health
An employer is interested in knowing as much as possible about a prospective employee's intelligence and interests. Some companies require a physical examination or a drug test of all applicants after employment is required, you may be expected to give very definite information about any impairments that might affect your ability to perform on the job.
Nothing is of greater interest to the average employer than information about previous jobs, because they indicate your potential for success in the job for which you are applying. Be ready, therefore, to discuss every position you have held, including any summer, after school, or Saturday work.
Play Me
Play Me
Play Me
You will be asked many questions about your education, including the number of years you attended school, your major course of study, and extracurricular activities. For your own reference, you should request a transcript from each school you attended so you can refer to it for answers t o specific questions
Play Me
You may be asked at an interview or on an application to give 3 references. The people you choose for references should have had an opportunity to judge you and your quality of work. They will know your character, your personality, and your skill and abilities. Personal references, such as relatives, neighbors, and friends are not appropriate. While they may know you well, they have had no opportunity to see your work and will be naturally biased in your favor.
Play Me
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