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marketing - fondue

No description

Amy Xie

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of marketing - fondue

What is Fondue? Strawberry flavored cereal
Naturally flavored
Sphere shaped puffed grain cereal
Made with whole-grain
Also has chocolate covered pieces in every btie
The chocolate provides kids the sugar they want in the cereal High in fibre
100% whole grain
Vitamin B6
No trans fat Benefits Product Fondue is a dish where sliced fruit is dipped into melted chocolate Place Promotion Price Fondue would sell for $3.99
Reasonable considering the ingredients used and material for the packaging
Proper price for average income families Package Design On the front
Fondue's strawberry mascot
Chocolate covered strawberries changing into cereal, poured into a bowl
Brand name in block letters

On the back
Various children games such as mazes, crossword puzzles, etc.
There will be different puzzles on boxes Sold at department stores, grocery stores, wherever cereal is available
E.g. Walmart, Costco, No Frills, etc.
These are the most convenient since people usually buy groceries at these places so they are able to pick up a box of cereal as they shop Target
Audience Customers Consumers Adults
Older Siblings
Average income families Children
Generation Z Target Geared towards children ages 6-14
Generation Z
Breakfast is the most important meal especially for kids since they are still in their growing stage
Children eat breakfast the most because parents are often more concerned for the younger ones Advertisements TV advertisements on children networks
Print ads in magazines and books
Online ads since children spend a lot of time on the computer Competition Is already well know in the cereal market
Popular brands include Frosted Flakes, and Rice Krispies
It is promoted as a family brand, this will aid my cereal since it is targeted towards children so maintaining a happy family image will promote sales Strawberry flavored The name makes sense since the cereal contains chocolate dipped pieces of the strawberry flavored cereal, mimicking the dish Trade Character Mascot of this cereal is an animated Strawberry
It will help attracts kids
Trade characters help children identify brands easier, for example whenever they see a clown they will think of McDonalds
Provides a more personal connection when you see a character
Well known mascots of Kellogg's brands are Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes, and Snap, Crackle, and Pop from Rice Krispies Prizes & Offers Generation Z is quite tech-savvy so to promote the brand there is an online game to play
You start off by entering the barcode on the cereal box and create a character
With that character you meet others and play games to earn points and win prizes
Characters will be anonymous so parents don't have to worry
Inside each box there will be a coupon for 25% off your next purchase of Fondue Survey Analysis Children eat breakfast more than teenagers and adults because they're not as busy in the morning
Their parents are more stern on them eating breakfast
This benefits my product because it is a breakfast cereal Most children do eat cereal for breakfast because it is quick and easy
Benefits my product because it is cereal Least favorite was wheat and rice because children tend to care more about the taste than whether it is healthy or not
But parents do so it's ultimately down to their decision
Originally wanted to make the cereal into loops but the target audience preferred circular puffs Kellogg's is the most well known and popular cereal that kids eat
This is helpful since Fondue would be under the Kellogg's brand
It is also the one most people have tried
This is because they have more brands of cereal than any other company The taste of the cereal is the main component when deciding which cereal to buy
Kids prefer a more sugary cereal than one that's not
The nutritional value of the cereal is the smallest factor when it comes to choosing the cereal

80% don't read it and the ingredients list before purchasing the cereal
But even if the children don't, the parents are the ones buying the cereal and they are the ones who are concerned if it is healthy or not Majority of people don't add anything into their cereal
Some add fruit, which would work with Fondue
Since a majority eat cereal with milk, then it would be beneficial as plain milk blends well with the flavors of fondue
Others such as almond or soy milk wouldn't taste as good Kellogg's Competition Top competitors are General Mills and Nestle
Kellogg's Fruit Loops vs. General Mills' Trix Fondue's Competition General Mills' Lucky Charms
General Mills' Reese's Puffs
Nestle's Nesquik Changes Wanted to make Fondue cereal loops at first but changed to spheres after realizing the majority liked it better
If Fondue turns out successful, other flavors may be available to meet more wants of the consumer since most people would like to have a choice when purchasing
e.g. Instead of strawberry, it can be blueberry
We could also make a more healthy alternative such as covering it with yogurt instead of chocolate
With this information gathered I hope to improve Fondue until it is a well recognized and well-known brand from Kellogg's Changes Thank You :) 90% like chocolate while 75% like strawberry chocolate combinations
Most people do prefer it so there is a high chance they'll also like Fondue 60% would buy the strawberry flavor with chocolate but 75% would buy another fruit flavor with chocolate
People like to have choices when buying
You tend to get tired of something if it's eaten a lot so having different flavors available would enable the consumers to not switch to a different brand but just to another type of Fondue Price
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