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World Ventures DTU - Dallas Nov 12

No description

Lauren Fess

on 22 December 2012

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Transcript of World Ventures DTU - Dallas Nov 12

per month What is WorldVentures? Founded Dec. 2005
Based in Plano, TX
Featured in the news DreamTrips = Travel Club DreamTrips for

EVERY budget & EVERY schedule

3 days - 14 days $199 + $54 99 99 Concierge Service You receive $20 for every friend you refer Begin earning residual income 30 x 30 customers left customers right Forever-recurring monthly income
based on past work $99 + $10 per month 95 99 You (Wings) $250 $40 $80 (Commissions) (Bonus - 6 personals) $200 (Cycle - 3L / 3R) $570 + $200 (Cycle - 3L / 3R) $200 (Cycle - 3L / 3R) $970 + Refer 4 friends Refer 4 friends WINGS & WHEELS There are NO GUARANTEES regarding income. The success or failure of each independent representative, like any other business, depends on each rep’s own skills and personal effort.

Incomes discussed are the result of sales of WorldVentures’ retail products (DreamTrips Life) by the representative and other team members recruited and trained to do the same. World Class Training Friend Friend Bradly "Think About It" Corner 2400 Payton Bradly Payton 2400 Could have been... Timing & Placement Timing & Placement DreamTrips Life

Be a representative

Total per month $199 + $54 99 99 per month $99 + $10 95 99 per month $299 + $65 94 98 per month $224 + $61 98 98 Refer 4 friends Student / Young Professionals discount Network Marketing Warren Buffett Trump Network Avon Donald Trump Pampered Chef Mary Kay Tupperware 60 million members 63 million members
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