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DRK-12 Skokomish River Challenge

No description

Carrie Tzou

on 5 August 2011

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Transcript of DRK-12 Skokomish River Challenge

Who lives by the Skokomish River? What's the weather the like? Why are we so worried about flooding? Site #1 Site #2 Site #3 The problem... The place: Where is the Skokomish River Valley? In Washington State... Clear Cutting Where's our school? Skokomish River Valley A big map of the Skokomish River Valley South Fork of the Skokomish River North Fork of the Skokomish River Main stem of the Skokomish River The Skokomish River area is located in Mason County on the Olympic Peninsula southwest of Bellevue. It is owned by the City of Tacoma, the Skokomish Indian Tribe, and the National Parks. Flooding Rain... Tribal members Employees of logging companies Developers This flooding has disastrous effects for people, plants and animals, and on the land itself. The flooding has wrecked homes and damaged property. It has also ruined some farmland in the area. This flooding has also put some of the American Indian tribal resources at risk.The floods are partly caused by the way people use the land and by the changes that have been made to the land. The Mason County government wants input from you on which of three sites is less likely to add to the flooding problems in the valley. The Skokomish River flows down from the ice capped Olympic Mountains just north of the valley. This water flows through the river Skokomish River Valley and eventually ends up in the Puget Sound. (This is 6,000 feet below the top of the mountain.) The large volume of water in the river floods the region during the winter and spring. (The Skokomish River is the most frequently flooded river in Washington State.) You are here Robin Stoddard - Hydrologist, Olympic National Forest Bill Hunter - Farmer, Skokomish Valley Alex Gouley & Joseph Pavel, Skokomish Tribe Members Jason Ragan - Resident, Skokomish Valley Rich Geiger - Engineer, Mason County Alex Gouley & Joseph Pavel, Skokomish Tribe Members Farmers
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