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Tour of Harlem

By Harrison Stone

Harrison Stone

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Tour of Harlem

Cotton Club First started in the 1920's. Jazz was very popular during the Harlem Renaissance. It was played daily at the Cotton Club. Duke Ellington and other great jazz musicians played at the famous club. Connie's Inn Residents can go to many different parties throughout the inn. There are many actors and musicians who have great shows in the inn. Tour of Harlem Apolo Theater The Apolo Theater is one of the most famous theaters of all time. Many Broadway plays have been performed there. Savoy Ballroom Many bands had their own swing they put on their music while they played there. The opening night of the Savoy Ballroom was March 12, 1926, and it featured two different bands. Strivers' Row Strivers' Row was a group of homes on certian streets. These fancy homes attracted many doctors, entertainers and high standered people. One great figure that the Strivers' Row attracted was Henry Pace. Pace founded the first African American ran record company. 63rd Street Music Hall Home of ''Shuffle Along", the first succesful all-black musical on Broadway in 1921. Harlem Renaissance writer, Langston Hughes, introduced "When the Negro Was in Vogue," on "Shuffle Along".
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