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Romeo and Juliet for Teenagers

No description

Chubz Naoum

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet for Teenagers

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet shows the problems and comedies of the human lifestyle like few other plays. The target audience particularly applies to high school students, so they may be able to relate to the film. The themes of love/hatred, secrecy, showing jealousy and all other different types of emotions in relationships, also helps teenagers realize what is right for them.
Why We Still Study Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet Today
Romeo and Juliet in today's time has been adapted to suit the modern day teenager's personality. For example: old jokes that he may of invented have been reformed into modern day language which helps us understand humour behind it, making it interesting/funny.
Romeo and Juliet For Teenagers
Romeo & Juliet is relevant to teengers through the use of the themes throughout the play. These themes consist of love, hatred, conflict and fate. Love is portrayed by Romeo & Juliet’s relationship together, and how strong that bond is, which most teenagers of today’s society can relate to. Hatred is shown through the feuds between the families, and how the two could’ve been easily saved and death could’ve been avoided. This shows the nasty sides of humans which most people, especially teenagers who are growing and can’t control their emotions can be like.
Romeo and Juliet Modern
The romance tale ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is still considered relevant today due to the major themes contained in the tale; love and conflict, which is relevant to today’s society. The play depicts the strength of love and the tragedy and consequences of conflict which can give the present day society an idea that peace is important.

Romeo and Juliet for Teenagers
Why is Romeo and Juliet so Important
Romeo & Juliet is so important, especially to teenagers, because it’s easy for teenagers to understand, mainly because teenagers are experiencing their first crush for someone. Also, it shows us that hiding things and being dramatic won’t benefit you, so people need to read this play to show how these things can ruin your life.
Why Should Teenagers Enjoy Romeo and Juliet
Teenagers should enjoy Romeo and Juliet due to the fact that it has the potential to relate to them. Although it is set in the past, it will always be adapted to make teenagers the primary target audience. Shakespeare's play can relate to teenagers, as they are the main people who go through this state of love, hate, and confusion.
Why is Romeo and Juliet Still Relevant Today?
The main factors why Romeo and Juliet is still relevant today, is due to the fact that its themes of love and conflict will always be apart of our society now and in the future. This in time will teach our society about keeping the peace between us.
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