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carter's nowhere to call home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of carter's nowhere to call home

Nowhere To Call Home
by: Cynthia Befelice
chapter one
Black tuesday hit, which was later known as black tuesday, leaving frankie's father jobless. his depression was too much and ended his life. they had to sell the house and the property to get $$$$$$.
chapters 2-4
the house keepers took the money and frankie to frankies aunts house by train. they used the money for train tickets to ride to their families home.
in chapter 8 stewpot and frankie start to work for food or money. a man offers them 15 cents but they decline the offer.
frankie is introduced to peg led al, tex, omaha red, vera, dot, and blink. as franki slept her first night at the jungle omaha red and his gang stoll some of frankies most prized posessions.
chapters 5-7
frankie says goodbye to everyone and rides the train to her aunts house but then runs away before ever meeting her aunt. she buys new clothes, cuts her hair and meets stewpot.
Carter's Nowhere To Call Home
hello people
dark side
light side
choo choo
chapter 8-10
chapters 11-13
chapters 14-19
chapters 20-24
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