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Dr.Fisch prezi

megan dyer

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Nigeria

Problem: Plant POLLUTION Don't miss out on our great new product for your sickly crops. This brand new pollution product will produce both money and healthy crops. We truly need this to help our economy develop. Oil has been producing money for us but at the same time making everyone go hungry. Importing all of our crops when we could be growing them for free is a waste of good money that we need for other things.This needs to end and our new product will change the way things have been for far to long. So buy our product and help our country from carrying all of this debt on its shoulders. Speech Solution? The brand new product, Oil Off by pollution spray com. ! Questions 1-4 Questions 9-12 By: Megan 18. How does the distribution of diamonds,gold,uranium, and oil shape the economies of Africa? Questions 13-16 Questions 13-16 By Kota Some of the highest rates of entrepreneurship in the world today; greatly helps their DGP. 19. What is the role of entrepreneurship in Africa? Some places have more than others which causes an uneven balance of natural resources which can cause conflict throughout the country. 18. How does the distribution of diamonds,gold,uranium, and oil shape the economies of Africa? The more money you invest in capital the higher the DGP your country will have. 13. How does specialization encourage trade between countries? Specialization encourages trade because if you make something your good at, you can trade someone else for the goods that you need for the goods they need. 14.How do tariffs, quotas, and embargos serve as barriers for trade? It slows down trade to protect the local people's businesses. 15.Why does international trade require a system for exchanging currencies between nations? In order to have a high GDP, you have to invest in human capitol, so they can produce and sell your product effectively. What is the relationship between investment in human capitol (education and training) and gross domestic product (GDP)? There must be a way to pay for goods purchased from countries with different types of currency. Representative of oil-off: After countless experiments on crops oil-off has officially been proven both effective and safe for the environment. So in conclusion there is simply no reason to not produce our product because in the end you will see that all the goods out weigh the bads. Government Official: Excellent point, but how do we know that this product truly works? And won't it be a problem for our wildlife. Representative of oil-off:That is true but.... in the end this will solve a growing problem and will produce more healthy crops to trade and sell resulting in more money than it cost to produce. Official: Yes but this is going to cost a lot of money, that we just don't have, to produce. Representative of oil-off: What a great question!! Well for starters I believe we all realize what a problem oil pollution is in our country and how all of our crops are dying Government officials: Why should we buy and sell your oil-off product?? DEBATE!!!!! Questions 17-19 17. What is the relationship between investment in capital (factories,machinery, and technology) and DGP? Work Cited Nigeria By: Megan Dyer, Kota Teasley, Saylor Sniatecki, Madison Yoder, and Delaney Taylor Questions 5-8 5. What influence will environmental issues have on the development of your business? It will slow our development in the beginning, but it will help us in the end. 6. What capital goods will you utilize to create and sustain your business? Our name is Oil Off and this product is a stray that gets rid of oil on crops. Also, this product will be found on the southern coast of Nigeria. Vision Framework Purpose: to create a clean, oil free environment Beliefs and values: we believe that pollution is not good and it is affecting the health of Nigerians Environment: Our environment is in bad shape. it is heavily polluted with oil Mission: This location is great because this is where most of the crops are grown and where the oil is that is polluting our crops. to use our product to clean the polluted crops In the Future: We hope to see healthy, oil free crops and a country full of happy Nigerians Introducing.... Oil-Off!! We will use high-tech equipment and machines, along with new, modern factory 7. How will you utilize human capital in creating and sustaining your business? 1. What is the name, location, and purpose of your business and what in your country are you located? "The Role of Entrepreneurship and Opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa | VC4Africa." Venture Capital for Africa Site Wide Activity RSS. Vc4a, n.d. Web. Spring 2013. <http://vc4africa.biz/blog/2011/06/09/the-role-of-entrepreneurship-and-opportunity-in-sub-saharan-africa/>. Our company will train our employees to use our machines and sell our product. we will also give them many benefits so they will work well 9. What is the impact of water pollution and the unequal distribution of water on irrigation, trade, industry, and drinking water on your country? 8. How will you modify your business to address the factors that may prevent international trade from occurring? We will use extreme safety precautions so that we can avoid these obstacles 2. How will the location of your business help your country economically and environmentally? 10. What is the impact of desertification on the environment of Africa from the Sahel to the rainforest? Questions 9-12 12. What are the similarities and differences of the economic systems in South Africa and Nigeria? 11. How do the Sahara, Sahel, savanna, and tropical rainforest influence where people live, the type of work they do, and how they travel in Africa? Nigeria loses 350,000 hectares of arable land per year; farmers have to find other jobs. 3. how will you utilize the natural resources in your country to support your business? We make our bottle out of minerals from our environment. There are several different environments including the Sahel, rainforest, and savanna. We will need to cross all of these environments to deliver our products. 4. How will the laws of the country impact you business? Map of Nigeria Nigeria Flag Both of them are mixed economies and have the highest economies in Africa, but South Africa gets its wealth from gold and diamonds and Nigeria gets its wealth from oil. There is no laws formed against our product. Wordle Squirt your pollution away! Questions 1-4 You Tube Udo, E. J. JEQ. N.p., n.d. Web. 2013. <https://www.crops.org/publications/jeq/abstracts/4/4/JEQ0040040537>. "Geography." Infoplease. Infoplease, n.d. Web. Spring 2013. <http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0107847.html>. "Nigeriaworld -- All About Nigeria." Nigeriaworld -- All About Nigeria. N.p., n.d. Web. Spring 2013. <http://www.nigeriaworld.com/>. Voki http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=7783698&height=267&width=200 hi lots of water is undrinkable because of oil spills; with less drinkable water, people will die of dehydration If less water is distributed to water crops, crops will die and there will be less food. -by Saylor By Kota Teasley Student Commentary By Kota Nigeria has the environmental problem of oil pollution which affects both their limited supply of water, and their limited supply of crops. Nigeria is a mixed economy because it has to have some governmental control, but it also depends on the consumers choices. South Africa and Nigeria both have the highest economies in Africa, and Nigeria both have the highest economies in Africa, and both are mixed economies. South Africa has more freedom than Nigeria. Nigeria can only really make oil, so it relies on trading oil for food. People have different currencies so they have to find ways to exchange them. Nigeria needs a high literacy rate so that people know how to work the machines, so they need to invest in human capital so that their GDP goes up. When countries have oil, uranium, diamonds, or gold they have more wealth than countries who don't. Chart: Speech Debate Intro Commercial Student Commentary By: Delaney Taylor From doing this project I have learned that even though having plenty of oil can be good is can also be bad. In nigeria's case it is both. Nigeria has a ton of oil so generally you would think that they are very wealthy but actually they have to spend all the money they get from oil on food for their people. Sadly all this oil is polluting all their crops so they can't feed their people these polluted plants. I find it a waste to sell all of this oil and not worry at all about their land. this is why we came up with the idea of oil off. By helping save these crops we know that nigeria can do great things:) Thank You for watching! hope you enjoyed learning about our product. By oil off today! Fisch, B. (2010). Evaluating organizational quality through narrative: A case for accreditation using the school portfolio, International Journal of Leadership in Education, 13 (4), 455-487. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=8046592&height=267&width=200
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