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Mars Landing Mission

No description

Shawn Keys

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Mars Landing Mission

By: Shawn Keys Curiosity The Mars Rover The launch of the Mars rover
Curiosity was launched in may of 2011 Curiosity landed on Mars in August of 2012 The purpose of Curiosity was to determine whether it was possible for man to go to Mars Just after NASA landed Curiosity on Mars they received video feed from curiosity that it was snowing. This is the first time that snow on another planet was ever recorded. The rover recently had its first test drive which went excellent! This operation cost 2.5 Billion dollars Scientist believe that extra terrestrial subject could be " stalking " Curiosity Curiosity discovered three very important things. 1. There could be alien life after all. 2. Man could quite possibly go to Mars 3. Mars rocks are softer than earth rocks. Curiosity crushed more than one rock trying to store it. I could not locate where Curiosity was launched from as it is still deemed secret on the NASA website. Curiosity rover
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