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21ST Century Literature from Visayas: Voltaire Oyzon’s "Pagl

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Rouvinn Negradas

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of 21ST Century Literature from Visayas: Voltaire Oyzon’s "Pagl

Instructions: The class be divided into 6 groups and each group will be given the following set of questions to be discussed in their group:
Objectives of the Day
understand and appreciate the given Waray literary text;
analyze a given text using symbolism and a sociocultural approach; and
create a Mother Tongue based spoken word poetry piece using the context of their region.
WORKSHEET 1 - Think - Pair - Share
Instructions: Write down the steps on the ways on how you do your laundry by filling in the flowchart below.
-refers to the approach where the society and culture are being used as a key to understand a literary text
"Paglaba" by Voltaire Q. Oyzon
WORKSHEET 2 - The 5 - Minute - Challenge
Instructions: Relate a process in washing the clothes to one of your experiences in love or in life in general. Use the table provided below.
21st Century Literature from Visayas: Voltaire Oyzon’s

Process in Washing the Clothes
Personal Experiences
1. Describe the setting. Is the setting essential to the theme of the poem? Explain.
2. Describe and characterize the persona. Provide textual evidences.
3. How was the persona portrayed in the poem?
4. Identify the symbolisms in the poem and discuss their socio-cultural implications.
5. What is the overall perspective of the writer? How does the author look at the world as presented in the poem?
6. What does the poem tell about our current society and what is its effect to the readers? Explain.

The students will be divided based on their gender preference; men and women. The teacher will be facilitating a debate on the claim that it is easier for men to move on after break ups compared to women.
Compose a Mother Tongue based spoken word poetry piece about love.
-artistic and poetic movement or style of using images and indirect suggestion to express musical ideas, emotions, and states of mind
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