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Prezi-Egyptian Myths and The Old Testament

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Jared Stovall

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Prezi-Egyptian Myths and The Old Testament

Created by Jared Stovall Differences Differences Differences Similarities Egyptian: Egyptian:
Egyptian myths had tons of gods/goddesses. Egyptian:
Lots of myths that applied to the gods/goddesses. Egyptian myths didn't talk about everyday life. They talked about the jobs of different gods/goddesses. They both had a God who created the world. Egyptian Myths VS Old Testament At first, there was only Nun, ocean of chaos. Nun helped create Ra the Sun God. He came out of an egg. Ra created all the gods/goddesses. Then, they had their children. This was how Egyptian mythology started. Old Testament: At first, there was nothing until God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. He created mankind. He also made the all the mountains, valleys, oceans, and etc. Old Testament:
The Old Testament never mentioned multiple gods/goddesses. They had Jesus, the son of God. God created the world. Old Testament:
It had stories including Jesus, his disciples, and everyday life. The Old Testament also is part of the English Bible. They also both had Heroes. Ex) David and Goliath; Ra saving the people from Sekhmet. There are also similarities between Jesus, Horus, and Osiris
(i.e. born from a virgin, resurrected).
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