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The Cherry Orchard

No description

Emily Butts

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard Emily Butts The Cherry
Orchard Why Important? Symbolism: Realism or
Expressionism: Questions? Overview: Play Background: Characters: In history at this point in time: Family Play History: Schooling: Chekhov
Family Born Taganrog
Grandfather was serf
Father was unsuccessful and left for Moscow
Chekhov stayed behind for school Broke so made money by doing others homewrok
1880 moved to Moscow with family to enter med school and graduated in 1884
While in med school started writing short stories
1888 only practiced in epidemics when doctors were scarce 1888 had 300 stories
1880s started writing for stage
1st one-acts then full works
2 early works failed and did not try again until 1896 Rise of middle class due to reforms
reforms create controversy
aristocrats began to fall
modernizing Russia Chekhov at one point had cherry trees, lost estate, and found that new owner had cut down trees
Mother supposedly had a similar incident as the land owner Ranevsky
wrote play over 2 to 3 years while he had TB
His last play
He intended it to be a comedy but it was always preformed as a tragedy Lyubov Ranevsky
Peter Trofimov
Act 1
Act 2 Firs was symbolism of past and what happened to the past
sounds of breaking string (Acts 2/4) are symbolism of forgetting
Realism was shown by having this happening to aristocrats of the time
Expressionism was shown when Lopakhin spitefully bought estate Yepikhodov
Postoffice clerk
Guest and servants Act 3
Act 4
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