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Geo-fencing Presentation

Overview of geo-fencing opportunities with CBN
by jeff jenkins on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Geo-fencing Presentation

Geo-fencing Advertising Opportunities Retargeting CBN Campus Media Reporting Geo-Fencing in Action Geo-fencing The ABC's of Mobile Advertising Network
and Reach By Patrick Blenkle Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 CBN customizes each campaign to meet your needs. Each campaign can meet one of these goals or any combination. CBN not only leverages comprehensive user data to enable advertisers to target specific sets of consumers, but we can also provide our advertising partners with data and insights allowing them to tweak and optimize their campaigns and improve outcomes.

This data reporting can also be useful for partners in many other circumstances. For
example, by geo-fencing campus locations, stadiums and other venues we can provide
deep insights into the makeup and behavior of shoppers, fans and audience members.
This has shown to be more than twice as effective for advertisers than any other form of display advertising online. US Army
Advertising We create a virtual zone or "geo-fence" around each media placement on each campus. Our platform then detects when someone with a network devices passes by a media placement We deliver ads directly to the device that corresponds with your OOH Campaign The US Army asked CBN to geo-fence 13 colleges and universities so that they could recruit students who were walking on campus. According to the US Army, this campaign drove more recruits during the campaign than they had in the entire year using traditional online advertising. US Army Recruiting US Army Mobile Site Our reach extends over 70 million customers across hundreds of mobile applications nationwide, giving us capacity to deliver over 2 billion geo-targeted impressions each month. CBN Campus Media is the nation's leading our of home college advertising network, now introduces mobile advertising opportunities for businesses.

Our mobile advertising network uses "geo-fencing"technology to target millions of consumers on campus.

There are currently 210 million smartphone users in the USA.
70% of smartphone users consider them critical to their day-to-day activities
79% use their phone to help them shop
49% have made a purchase using their smartphone as a result of seeing a mobile ad Advertisers can reach consumers across
our entire network, target specific audience
demographics, or utilize “geo-fencing” to
engage users in close proximity to a point
of interest. Uses of uses of geo-fencing
include targeting consumers on a certain
campus to entering a retail location, to
something as precise as passing by a
specific out-of-home advertising kiosk. In addition to retargeting based on demographics and other data, CBN can target users based on precise locations by placing “geo-fences” around specified locations. Possible applications of this technology range from targeting consumers within a certain radius of retail locations to users passing by a specific campus ad. How Geo-fencing Works: 1. The phone its location to our servers.
2. We query the location against our campaign database.
3. Appropriate content is selected based on this information.
4. Our platform delivers the right ad directly to the user in real-time. Retargeting delivers ads only to those consumers who have previously been exposed to campaigns on a billboard, greatly enhancing its effectiveness by reinforcing the messaging and driving it home in the consumer's mind. For More Information Patrick Blenkle
562-480-7126 Source: 2011 Gloogle "Think Moblie Study" Awareness - creating attention for your brand or cause
Bodies - driving customers to your website or retail location
Commerce - driving sales and revenue for your business For More Information Patrick Blenkle
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