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Donald Trump for President?: A Genre Analysis

No description

Taylor Rhoten

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Donald Trump for President?: A Genre Analysis


What it is all ABOUT
Donald Trump is a multi-billion dollar successful businessman, entrepreneur, and not to mention reality TV star. However, does that qualify him to run for President? He seems to think so. The American public on the other hand is skeptical. These two genres capture both the sentiment of the candidate himself, and that of a "neutral" media outlet.
Trump's Campaign Website
A CNN Depiction of Trump's Campaign
The Intended Discourse Community
The CNN article looked to address the general public or anyone looking to read the news. However, they may have been looking to target a discourse community that is politically inclined, such as governmental employees, or staunch members of either party
The Donald Trump Campaign website is looking to target the community of potential campaign supporters. This audience comes from all reaches and bounds of American society.
What does the Audience Know?
The CNN audience will likely be looking for an unbiased look at Trump's campaign. They will already know about some of his background with previous business ventures. They will be looking for this information because potential American voters will want to figure out who they are going to support in the upcoming election.
The Purpose of the Text
The purpose of the CNN text is to inform the public about Trump's announcement and give an idea about what kind of candidate he is going to be.
The Trump website is intended to promote and encourage voters to support Trump's campaign.
CNN Article Conventions:
1. Unbiased
2. Formal
3. Detailed
4. Informative
Why That Genre?
The CNN author chose to write an unbiased news article in order firstly appeal to a broad audience, secondly to set a journalistic standard of unbiased writing for themselves, and tertiary to provide information that allowed readers to form their own opinion
The Two Genres
Trump Card
"You're Fired!"
Donald Trump for President?: A Genre Analysis
The Trump website audience will likely have an idea about Donald Trump and his campaign. However, they might be looking to further their knowledge about the kind of policy changes he has in mind if he were to get elected. They could be looking to support the campaign as well.
The Trump website author chose to write in a persuasive genre because they wanted to promote the campaign, encourage donations, and create a space where only positives were said about Mr. Trump
Trump Website Conventions:
1. Short Slogans
2. Marketing Trump
3. Persuasive
4. Biased

How did the Language Differ?
The CNN text was more formal, less persuasive, and had a lot more depth of information, as opposed to short clips or videos, slogans, or little pieces about Trump himself.
Ethos, Logos, Pathos
As the CNN article is a credible news source, it does not use persuasive appeals to try and convince the reader of anything
The Trump website appeals to pathos with slogans like, "Let's Make America Great Again!" It appeals to logos and ethos by citing Trump's business accomplishments and his noteworthy achievement such as his bestselling book, "The Art of the Deal."
Most Effective
The most effective genre was the Trump website because it actually tried to use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade the audience to support the campaign. Even though the CNN article was more informative, offering information such as details of the Trump tower like the "golden elevators," it did not try to persuade the audience to support the Trump campaign.
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