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The Swedish language.

The history of the Swedish language

Ellen Ingvarsson

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of The Swedish language.

The history of the Swedish language The language is a mirror about the reality, when our every day life change so do the language The Swedish language has been influenced by five big languages in this world. And those are: Greek, Latin, German, French and of course ENGLISH Those languages comes from the Indo-european language tree The Swedish language is usually divided into five parts. And those are Runic Swedish, Older old Swedish, younger old Swedish, Older modern Swedish and younger modern Swedish The literary language was invented around year 900. But not with the letters that we use today. The people used signs called the runic characters. The people wrote down memories about their family In the 12th century the swedish people became christians. Schools and churches were built and the bible was translated into swedish. And we were using latin letters for the first time. The runic alphabet name was/is the Futhark When the New Testament was publish Sweden got a standard language. Now every one in the country could understand each other. And today almost every one in Sweden can speak more than one language! I hope you have enjoyed my prezi and that you have learn something new :)
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