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Net Neutrality

A Persuasive Speech by Bri, Lindsay, Greg, Dallas, and Robin

Dallas Greene

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality What is it? By Bri Anderson, Robyn Martin, Greg Caryk, Dallas Greene, & Lindsay Goodwin For & Against Net Neutrality How does it work? By a show of hands,
How many of you know what an ISP is?
Internet Service Provider
(ISP) The BIG Six General Electric Walt Disney News Corp. Time Warner Viacom CBS The Federal Communications Commission The Power! Telecommunications Act of '96 Policy Statement on Network Neutrality Power the FCC has now? ISP's Currently Blocking Internet Content: AT&T
Verizon ...but what does "content blocking" mean?! Public Knowledge Supports: Enforceable Net Neutrality
A neutral internet
Min/max broadband disclosure FCC VS. Comcast FCC VS. Content Blocking Looking Towards the Future With net neutrality without net neutrality Rochester, anyone? How This Affects You: Discriminating Against Competitors' Services
Limiting Diversity of Content
Favoring Commercial Services
Restricting Internet Telephone Just a Re-Cap . . . What YOU Can Do to Help! www.savetheinternet.com Any Questions?
We're for it . . . are you? Net Neutrality! 1987 Fairness Doctrine
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