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Tom Longboat

No description

Emma Thomas

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Tom Longboat

by Emma, Ana and Chandra Tom Longboat Tom Longboat
Timeline What contributions has Tom Longboat made to Canadian Aboriginal culture? What are the influences that Tom Longboat
exerts over the Aboriginal or
non-Aboriginal communities? Tom Longboat has proved something to both the aboriginal and non-aboriginal community's.

No matter what your background. If you try, you can reach your dreams.

He has also been a huge influence on many, showing that determination and loyalty runs deep. Are there any extra challenges Tom faced or had to overcome due to his backround? The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame calls Tom "Canada's greatest long distance runner," in part because his training and winning of marathons (internationally) "stands as a metaphor for the ways in which First Nations athletes had to face racist attitudes and stereotypes." These did not stop Tom, however, but gave him even more desire to succeed. Tom Longboat's Timeline Tom Longboat born 1887 1907 Tom participated in two races Tom wins the Boston Marathon 1906 Tom enlists 1916 Tom returns from war. Tom Longboat passes away 1949 How is Tom Longboat significant to Aboriginal history? The Tom Longboat Award has been awarded since 1999 to outstanding First Nations athletes July 4th 1887 Around the Bay Road Race in Hamilton Ontario

World Island Marathon in Toronto Ontario Tom Longboat has made a significant contribution to canadian aboriginal culture, and especially in the athletic community. He has been a huge role model to everyone. He made his Aboriginal culture extremely proud of his accomplishments, and continues to be a role model to aboriginal children today. Showing them that they can follow their dreams, no matter what.

Today Tom Longboat awards are given out in his honor to outstanding male and female athletes.

He defeated 123 other runners
Smashed the previous record by 5 minutes
In this year he also competed in the Ward's Island Marathon in Toronto again. Despite being a profession athlete, Tom enlisted
during WW1. During the war he had the job of running orders between units. He kept in top condition for running by racing in inter-battalion sporting contests. During the war, he was wounded twice, and even once was proclaimed dead.
Tom is one of the very few Aboriginal athletes to be inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame 1919 January 9 1949 Tom Longboat is an aboriginal who showed the world that they are just as competent in what they do as everyone else.
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