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Pobre Ana


Casey Stokes

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Pobre Ana

Pobre Ana Blaine Ray Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 5 Ana has many problems:
Family has no money
Mom doesn't listen
Dad never gives her money
Brother never helps her
Sister takes her clothes Ana lost her book and her mom yelled at her
Sara had an amazing blue blouse.
In Spanish class, Ana learned about an opportunity for students
One student could go to Mexico for 3 months
They would live with a Mexican family.
The family would be poor and probably not have a car.
The trip is school sponsered It is the night of the dance.
A boy was staring at her.
His name was Ricardo Perez.
He teaches her how to dances. Ana has to go back Califonia tomorrow.
She says goodbye to Patricia.
Ricardo promises to write to Ana.
She thanks her host family. Ana goes to the airport
Her professor warned her about how different Mexico is.
Ana said goodbye to her friends.
She got on 2 planes and arrived in Mexico.
The family was not there.
She was taken to the house by a driver named Jose. Chapter 3 Ana's problems, continued:
Her friends are very rich and Ana is jealous of their clothes and shoes. Chapter 1 (Cont.) Ana really wanted to be this student, to escape her problems.
Her teacher agreed with it.
Ana asked her dad, and after some confusion, he agreed too. Chapter 2 (Cont.) Chapter 4 (Cont.) Chapter 5 (Cont.) Chapter 7 (Cont.) Chapter 6 (Cont.) Ana met the whole Sanchez family.
There were a mom, dad, two brothers, and two sisters.
Their names were Julia, Ernesto, Pablo, Juan, Susanna and Juana.
Ana shares a bedroom with Susanna and Juana.
They talk about school, music, cars, and the girls' friends. Chapter 3 (Cont.) Ana gets home and is grateful for all the things her family has.
Ana gets a letter from Ricardo.
She writes back, saying that she no longer has problems with her family. Chapter 8 Chapter 9 (cont.) Chapter 9 Chapter 9 (cont.) Ana gets up at 9 AM
Juana and Susanna invite her to go to the town square with them.
The three girls go to the: gym, park, pool, grocery, and the bank
They got tacos from a taco vender.
Ana thought they were similar to the tacos in the US. They went home and started listening to the radio.
The mom yelled at them to turn it down.
Ana was surprised that Julia would yell. Ana went to the gym the next day
She met a girl named Patricia.
Ana went over to Patricia's house.
They talked about Mexico, food, dances, and schools. There is a dance coming up.
Patricia has to wear a uniform at school and go to religion class.
When Patricia talked slowly, Ana understood. When she talked fast, Ana didn't They talk about their families.
Ricardo teaches her that there is no such thing as a perfect family.
Ana likes Ricardo.
Now Ana is very sad that she has to go back to California. She is happy and sad to go.
Ana is happy to see her real family again.
Ana is sad because she will have to leave Mexico. Ana has no problems.
She understands that every family has issues.
She talkes to the student body president, Paul.
They host a dance where the entry fee is clothes. Chapter 9 (cont.) They send the clothes to Mexico.
Ricardo's school gets clothes.
The Mexican students are very grateful and happy. The End...
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