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Kevin Parcell Marketing Manager Resume

No description

Kevin Parcell

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Kevin Parcell Marketing Manager Resume

Brands Represented
Kevin Parcell Marketing Manager
I am a marketing professional with seven years of international experience in both business & consumer marketing who seeks out new approaches in targeting clients and consumers, in order to increase revenue, while improving employee knowledge base.

In August I moved to the US from sunny England, with my wife and 3 month year old daughter. We currently live in Birdsboro PA but we are able to move anywhere a job takes me.

I studied History at the University of Liverpool.

My GPA was 3.7.

I completed my Bachelors Degree in July 2006.

Temple Translations
Marketing Manager: June 2012 - August 2013

Guided a team of 5 to advance corporate marketing strategies and sales for Europe and North America.

- Overhauled new client acquisition by creating a client profile of existing accounts, increasing overall sales for the group by 70% over a one year period.
- Enhanced client engagement by developing a global social media strategy, resulting in acquiring two large Fortune 500 accounts.
- Slashed budget for data while increasing the new client hit rate from 2% to 8% by breaking reliance on purchased data using online resources such as LinkedIn.
- Retrained marketing team to utilize mass email software, smashing previous highs for open and click rates.
- Refocused CRM to be marketing-centered, increasing client retention for the year from 49% to 67%.

Kadence International
Research Manager: May 2010 - June 2012

Directed 20 strong research team, while establishing and cultivating client relationships.

- Elevated interoffice collaboration by creating a program for communication and interaction between multiple offices, leading to increased hit rates for both offices involved.
- Restructured email marketing, increasing engagements with clients and customers and winning back two leading brands.
Who is Kevin Parcell?
Box Marketing
Insight & Marketing Manager: June 2006 - May 2010

Advanced marketing strategies for UK and International food and beverage brands.

Boosted three previously unknown brands Bulmers, Fentimans, and Antica Sambuca.
- Secured and maintained $3m account due to excellent management of their products within portfolio.
- Revamped company ethos by creating a more integrated approach encompassing email and print marketing campaigns, culminating in securing the biggest player within the industry.

Work Experience
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