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Civil Air Patrol - Fox Valley Composite Squadron

No description

Gary Brown

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Civil Air Patrol - Fox Valley Composite Squadron

Aviation's Best Kept Secret
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol History
Gary Brown, 1st Lt
Deputy Commander, Mission Pilot, Operations & Public Affairs Officer
Fox Valley Composite Squadron
DuPage Airport, West Chicago, IL

PHONE: (630) 660-8231
EMAIL: gary@foxcap.org
Gill Robb Wilson, an advocate for leveraging general aviation to supplement America's military operations, conceived the concept of CAP in the late 1930s...
Civil Air Patrol Begins
On December 1, 1941, New York Mayor LaGuardia, then Civil Defense Director, signed CAP into service for border patrol, anti-submarine patrol and courier services...
CAP in World War II
Flew 24 Million Miles on Coastal Patrol
Found 173 Enemy U-boats: Attacking 57, Hitting 10,
and Sinking 2
CAP Charters
July 1946: President Truman incorporates CAP as benevolent, non-profit organization
May 1948: Congress officially establishes CAP as US Air Force Auxiliary
CAP Missions
Congress mandated that, under the command of the US Air Force, CAP will perform these three volunteer missions for America:

Aerospace Education
Cadet Programs
Emergency Services
Aerospace Education
Orientation Flight (Power & Glider)
Hot Air Ballooning
Flight Academies
R\C Aircraft
K-12 STEM Programs
CyberPatriot Program
Near-Space Ballooning
Computers & Electronics
Aerospace Careers Module
Academic & Flight Scholarships
Cadet Programs
Youths Ages 12-21
Leadership Training
Moral Leadership
Physical Fitness
Aerospace Education
Flight Orientation & Training
Emergency Services
Search & Rescue
Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Services
Air Force Support
Fly 85% of inland SAR missions directed by USAF Rescue Coordination Center or Joint Rescue Coordinate Centers
Credited for saving ~100 lives each year
58,986 Members: 57% Senior, 43% Cadet
1,000+ CAP Vehicles
550 CAP Single-Engine Aircraft
4,300 Volunteer Owned Aircraft
Cessna 172\182\206
GippsAero GA8 Airvan
Maule MT-235
L-23 Super-Blanik
Schleicher ASK 21
Schweiser SGS 2-33
Hot Air Balloons
Member Roles
Aircrew: Pilots, Observers, Scanners
Ground Teams
Radio Operators
Information Technology
Inspector General
Command Staff
Public Affairs
Cadet Program
Professional Development
How to Get Involved

Fox Valley Composite Squadron
DuPage Airport (KDPA), West Chicago, IL
Join our Meetings Fridays 7-10 PM
Member Benefits
Reward of Serving on Missions for America
USAF & CAP Uniform
Rank Promotions
Flight Training
Air Safety
Special Discounts
Professional Development
Friendship & Networking
FVCS Activities
Operations Training \ SAREX
Cadet Orientation Flights
Public Affairs
Near-Space Ballloon Program
Drone (UAV) Project
Disaster Relief
Search & Rescue
Counterdrug Operations

Let's look at my favorites...
US Air Force Auxiliary
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