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Copy of Voice version 12

No description

Deb Dagit

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Voice version 12

What a difference A VOICE can make Stakeholders control People with disabilities (PWD) are the largest untapped workforce in the world Surprised? To encourage colleagues of PWD to become public allies in order to create
more welcoming, inclusive and supportive business cultures VOICE Program Purpose Value perceptions Obtain perspective Inspire trust Challenge conventional thinking Encourage accommodation requests Medical symbol that should not be applied to people Become conscious of language Greater productivity Allied in Symbols Allied in Words When PWD have accommodations they need, employers gain: Lower turnover Reduced absenteeism Improved morale Market Emerging They have the most underutilized spending & voting power Stakeholders Family members Friends 2 billion people 0thers who care about PWD $8.1 trillion+ in disposable income annually $8.1 trillion+ India Japan Ireland GDP Current U.S. Market Potential 40% Plan to work after “retirement” 70% Increase in number of people 50+ by 2022 85% 22% of those 55-64
will develop disability Prefer full-time work Maturing Workforce Enlightened
Self-Awareness Workers, pregnant women, temporarily injured, elderly & others Benefit everyone! Universal Design Principles What limitations will you face
in the future? Many of us will age into disability Wanted:
Allies Disabilities in Despite non-discrimination rules & opportunities
to request accommodations, most PWD do not discuss
their situations at work Powerful
Potential Imagine Model Including me sets a tone that improves the work environment for everyone. New My strengths offset my limitations. The limitations give me a perspective that supports “out-of-the-box” thinking. Having limits hones skills and values that enrich my work. Business Case #2 Autism Spectrum Americans < Age 21 “What’s a problem is convincing others that it’s not a problem.” Lais Kari Intellectual Disability at one distribution center have physical or cognitive disabilities 40% of 700 employees Down syndrome, Autism, cerebral palsy, missing limbs, schizophrenia, other special needs 20% better #1 in productivity across whole company Leading Brazilian global information services company are 71% of disabilities 1 in 2 live with or directly affected by disability Medical Deficiency Model Social Neutral in absence of life context Model Different from average Disability located between
person & society Remedy=Re-negotiated interaction with society Agents of remedy: Many+PWD Disability located in the person Remedy is individualized attention Disability is negative & should be ameliorated Agent of remedy: health professional program includes: VOICE Inclusive Communication Workplace Accommodation Training & Education Regulatory Compliance 1 2 3 4 What Allies do 1 2 3 4 5 Advocate for full inclusion in workplace Serve as caring & empathetic listeners Raise awareness Offer accommodation options Ask PWDs what they need to do their best work Overcoming Fears Treat others
as they want to be treated (It's OK. Just ask!) invisible Mental health Sensory Learning Attention
(ADHD) Intellectual Income Controlled by People with Disabilities (PWD) $3 trillion worldwide $220 billion in U.S. Business Case #4 Business Case #1 Wounded Warrior Business Case #3 Sensory Disability Top proofreader who is blind uses digital software that reads text aloud Sets software to read at 10x normal speed 730,000 $60 million+ PWD 1 in 5 Americans Symbolizes act
of bringing out
the best in others Personalizes disabilities Comes from Native American tribal cultures 71% of disabilities are non-apparent PWDs using their full capabilities Employers “walking
their talk” Teams benefiting from new perspectives Companies
tapping into this emerging market Put person first Show respect, not “PC” Ask when in doubt (“person with disability” not “quadriplegic”) have disabilities that cause major challenge in one or more life activities million people 110-190 Need to channel their talents
(science, technology, math, engineering) U.S. soldiers who transition from battlefield to boardroom 15% world population + + = the Workplace Growth Rapid Market The Platinum Rule the possibilities… "Catching it" What to say
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