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Powtoon Tutorial:

No description

Anthony Chmura

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Powtoon Tutorial:

Have them enter downwards, the man at 2 seconds and the woman at 3. This time, click on the hand for both for a new transition.
This project will show you how to use Powtoon, a free online animation software. You will be going through a step-by-step process to create a short video about Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Click on the link to see what your final product will look like:

Slide Two
Click on the second slide to edit it. Pick any colored background for this slide.

Under "Characters," select "Present." Adjust his time so it runs from 1 to 6 seconds. His transition in should automatically be right, but if it isn't, change it by clicking on your current transition to open the menu.
Slide Three
Pick a different color for the last slide. Use the same picture of Lincoln, and drag the left end of his time bar to zero so he's in the scene from the beginning. Under "Props," select "Speech Bubble Long," and adjust the size so it fits like this:
Under "Text Effects," use "Letters Appearing" to type "Four score and seven years ago..." into the speech bubble. Have the speech bubble "pop" in at 1 second, which is when the text should start to appear. Cut down the scene to 5 seconds, and you're done!

Save your project and click "Preview" to make sure everything's correct. You can also view it from your dashboard. Copy the link from the viewing page (not when you're editing!) to share your project with others.
Once you're familiar with Powtoon, you can tackle more complicated projects, such as this one that I made about Martha Washington:

Start by going to powtoon.com and
making a Powtoon account.
Next, click on your "dashboard."
Create a new powtoon and title
it "Gettysburg Address."
In the bottom-right corner, select
"Paper Lines" as your background.
At the top, under "Text
Effects," select "Handwriting."
Type in "Gettysburg Address." Then change the time bar at the bottom to this:

Then hit the "-" buttom at the right 6
times to get rid of the extra time.
Finally, select the "Pull Down"
Go to Google images and save a
picture of Abraham Lincoln's
head. In Powtoon, under "Image
Holders," select "Full Image No
Frame" and upload your picture.
Change the size so it covers the
man's head and give it the same
time and transition.
Under "Animation," select "Happy"
and "Girl Happy." Put them in the
bottom of the screen as if they're
looking up at a stage.
Finally, cut the time down to 6 seconds and use the transition "Zoom in."
Powtoon Tutuorial:
Gettysburg Address Project

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