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Book Report

No description

Andrea Paternina

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

By: Coco Simon Characters The setting of this book takes place in Maple Grove, Minnesota . It also takes place in their school "Park Street Middle School ". This book also takes place in"The Special Day" in which they are going to by wedding dresses for Mia's mom that is getting married. The setting is also important to the story in many ways. One of them is that Emma can't buy her dress at the special day.
Setting In the story, Mia's mom is getting married and Emma , Katie, Alexis and Mia are the bridesmaids . They need to get dresses but Emma's mom lost her job and Emma does not want to worry her parents. She has to work hard to get the money. Emma is worried that her parents would waist money on her, having 3 brothers. She finds a dress
that looks perfect on her!! What can she do!? Her plan is to work fast to gain the money. So she has to work by giving dogs walks and by the cupcake club. She also has to go to flute lessons , to take care of her little brother, and even homework. Can she do it all by the same time? At the end, Emma's parents find out and help her pay the dress. And also Emma's mom gets another job . Plot My Thoughts Improvements Emma on The Thin Icing I read this book a long time ago Emma Alexis Emma Taylor is a girly girl that loves the color pink. She is really shy, but a really nice friend. She has 3 brothers and she also is a hardworking girl. She never gives up no matter how hard her work can be. She is a member of the Cupcake Club with Alexis, Mia and Katie. Alexis Becker is a really smart girl that always gets the top grades. She loves business ,planning, and budgets. She has a big sister named Dylan. She is the leader of the Cupcake Club. Mia Mia Velaz Cruz is a girl with a great style for fashion.
She is a great friend and always has the prettiest clothes. In this book her mother is getting married again, and she does not like much the idea. She is a member of the Cupcake Club with Emma , Alexis and Katie. Katie Katie Brown is a cupcake fanatic that know everything about cupcakes. She was best friend of Callie who left her for the PGC (popular girls club.) She started the Cupcake Club, in which they bake cupcakes and sell them. She is in the Cupcake Club with Mia, Emma, and Alexis. I think that this book was great because of all
of its great content. Also because it shows the meaning of true friendship and caring. For all of these reasons I liked it. I had many favorite parts, one of my favorites was when Emma found the perfect dress. Also when Mia's mom got married . And when they make the cupcakes for the wedding. This book is one of the best books that I have read. If I could rewrite this book I would change some things. I would have changed the part that her mom loses her job because it makes her parents more difficult to pay for the dress. Also I would have written that her friends helped her pay the dress instead of her parents, because that would show more the value of caring,etc. I would also have had focused a lot on Mia because it is her mother that is getting married. I would also have had focused on Mia's feelings and points of views. But I would also have had focused on Emma at the same time because it is her problems,etc. I think that that is all I would change.
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